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Kitchenmaster recognises the importance of helping to protect our planet and our mission is to develop and produce cleaning and hygiene products that have minimal impact on the environment. With so many views and thoughts on what relates to minimal impact on the environment, Kitchenmaster does not only take into account if the product contains biodegradable surfactants or has a neutral pH level, where some manufacturers would make that as sufficient justification to make the claim, we at Kitchenmaster looks and continually reviews a wide array of other factors. Kitchenmaster is committed to manufacturing high-quality products while also reducing the impact they have on the environment. Kitchenmaster complies with all legislation and environmental policies. The Northern Ireland Environment Agency conduct regular site audits to ensure all standards are being adhered to. There are different types of ‘green labelling’. In relation to Kitchenmaster this includes the chemical, the packaging and manufacturing.




Case Rate


Reload Concentrate Chemicals 1 104371

KM Reload No 1 - Sanitiser Degreaser Concentrate KM Reload No 2 - Floor Degreaser Concentrate KM Reload No 5 - All Purpose Disinfectant Cleaner KM Reload No 6 - Glass & S/S Cleaner Concentrate KM Reload No 8 - Room Fragrance Concentrate KM Reload No 9 - Bathroom Cleaner Concentrate

2ltr 2ltr 2ltr 2ltr 2ltr 2ltr 2ltr 2ltr

4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4

2 104372 3 104373 4 104374 5 104375 6 104376

7 104377 KM Reload No 10 - Hand Washing Up Liquid Concentrate

8 104717

KM Reload No 11 - Bacti Vir Concentrate

Product Credentials

COSHH Training Provided

Phosphate Free CFC Free

EDTA Free Member of Carbon Trust Standard

Biodegradable - Chemicals Regulation EC No. 648/2004

Recyclable - Packaging

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