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We give you first hand experience on what it's like to have a true Texas Adventure Elopement in the most scenic, creative ways. From stunning jagged mountains all the way to charming small ghost towns and hidden gems, our magazine showcases the best vendors to help you take some stress off the day. You'll find elopement inspiration, real Texas Adventure Elopement stories and expert advice from our state vendors. Don't settle for a cookie-cutter wedding when you're not a cookie-cutter bride! Let our Texas Adventure Elopement magazine help you create a once-in-a-lifetime celebration that reflects your personality and love story. Order your copy today and start planning your dream elopement with top rated vendors!



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Hey y’all! I am so excited to welcome you to the first ever issue of our adventure elopement-specific magazine, Texas Adventure Elopements Magazine, covering the very best state - Texas! Texas Adventure Elopements was born four years ago as a branch off my mothership photography business, Brit Nicole Photography. Over this time it has blossomed into a solid Texas elopement business with a multitude of photographers covering breathtaking locations across our state. Here at Texas Adventure Elopements we have spent years scoping out off-the-beaten-path local gems to offer unique wedding experiences for our clients. At each and every shoot we strive for outstanding customer service, and we are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to offer once- in-a-lifetime wedding experiences. As of 2023, Texas Adventure Elopements has a plethora of time and experience under its belt, and has seen explosive growth. With this magazine we are ecstatic to offer elopement inspiration, vital education and insight, highlight the very best vendors in the biz, and of course, share the swoon-worthy love stories and stunning elopements of our clients!


Glad to have you along for the ride! Happy adventuring,

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Just like love and lust, the rain holds a romantic power over all of us, so let’s start this article by stating – “Relax, enjoy your day regardless” WHAT IF IT RAINS ON OUR WEDDING DAY?

However, even after doing this, many predictions have failed in the past and the heavens have opened up while celebrants said their ‘I Dos”. When this happens on your wedding day, we advise that you have a plan B that will cushion you and allow you to transition and continue enjoying your wedding day despite the unexpected weather. To have a beautiful transition, future brides and grooms must consider their choice of photographers; the best photographers, especially in areas such as Texas where the weather can be unpredictable, are always prepared fter finding the perfect elopement spot, it is common for elopement photographers, wedding planners, brides, and grooms to look at the weather forecast before setting a date for the wedding. A

for a shift in the weather. The southern end of Texas has completely different weather than the Northern and Western parts of the state. Such photographers that specialize in the area you pick can reassure their clients and make hay while the sun shines. The best professional photographers know to have the right gear, knowledge for all weather, to improvise shooting grounds in the case that some trails are closed due to rain, and bring with them a sense of adventure which they influence on their subjects to bring out the best outlook for the wedding photographs. It is not only the photographers that need to be carefully selected when planning an away wedding. The number of guests and your ability to roll with the punches also play a key role in how a wedding may transition when it rains.

Photos by Brit Nicole with Texas Adventure Elopements




“It will also help a bride and groom to relax if they bring with them extra outfits to change into and be cozy when it rains”

Although the ceremony might be small, couples must have these conversations with their guests and vendors ahead of time so that people can work to make their day a success. I know we are supposed to say something fluffy such as, “It will also help a bride and groom to relax if they bring with them extra outfits to change into and be cozy when it rains”. However, you are talking to adventure people, a little splash of mud and raindrops get us excited! It adds to the romantic and beautiful ambiance of the intimate day that is planned just for you. This is, after all, the only weather that can allow the brides and their partners to have the fairy tale moment of dancing and kissing in the rain. If they are lucky, they will get a rainbow flowing down below them beyond the valley while you’re standing off the cliff. Magic can be created even in the rain, wind and snow. While planning to elope, couples must be open-minded and expect anything to happen on their chosen day. Having this mind will manage your expectations when

the rain comes unexpectedly. After all, you are choosing to get married this way…

Having prepared for moments like those in the back of their minds will allow couples to genuinely continue enjoying their event without dampening their mood or the mood of their guests who are likely to be paying more attention to them. Couples must surround themselves with people who understand their personalities and quick thinkers who can act quickly when it rains and adjust what needs to be adjusted quickly so that the wedding can proceed smoothly. We are not saying that you should avoid certain months within Texas to elope. We are saying that if it does rain, you must embrace it and make the best of it because a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Many cultures across the world see the rain as a blessing, it brings with it calmness, growth, and fertility. So why not ride in the rain and enjoy the day?


9 february 2023


Texas, the second largest state in America is full of appealing planes, breathtaking mountains, picturesque beaches, and diverse rivers and lakes. Did I mention we hold the second largest canyon in the United States? Yeah, that’s a thing. choose to get married in the big cities with skyscrapers and incredible crowds, or whether you want amazing adventures and some scenic views, Texas is likely to offer you a lifetime of experiences on the most important day of your life. If you are planning to elope to Texas, here are a few destinations that might tickle your fancy. T hese features make Texas the perfect elopement destination as there is always something exciting for everyone in the diverse state. Whether you

Gorman falls in Colorado’s Bend State Park

Photos by Brit Nicole with Texas Adventure Elopements



Gorman falls in Colorado’s Bend State Park

Krause Springs in the Hill Country near Austin Texas

The views at this park look like scenes from heaven in a movie, or a very low budget Jurassic Park. The place is so serene and peaceful and presents the perfect backdrop of cascading waterfalls and amazing views for lovers to tie the knot. We picked this place because it would not be the majority of people’s first choice yet it has the potential of creating the best memories for eloping couples. This would be the ideal spot for a waterfall wedding as the location makes it secluded and intimate for the exchange of vows and photo taking. Y’all, it’s only a 200 ft elevation gain and 3 miles round trip- easy spot for a waterfall in Texas!

This is a serene space that is well known for those who love camping and swimming. We started this list off with Krause Springs because of its beautiful landscapes, iconic cypress trees, natural and man-made pools, memorable green waters, and 32 springs. Like, seriously… Jump in the dang water after your vows! Krause springs present the best backdrop for a romantic destination wedding for couples that love some scenic views and intimate moments. Could you imagine the memories that would be produced from the springs?

Photo by Ellie with Texas Adventure Elopements

Photo by Brit Nicole with Texas Adventure Elopements

The Hills of Fredericksburg

Do you like wine, open fields of flowers, hiking, beer, and parks? Welcome to Fredericksburg, a perfect getaway to get hitched! The rolling hills provide the best view in the fall to see the leaves change for miles. The hopeless romantics who need some time alone are likely to choose this as their destination of choice not just for the wedding but a quiet honeymoon. Before settling on any of these destinations for your nuptials, we recommend that you do research, get permits and finalize details before you set off on your way to being married. Your adventure photographer should know exactly what type of permits to get within Texas. That is, if you hired the right one.

Photo by Meghan with Texas Adventure Elopements

Fort Davis State Park in West Texas

Fort Davis is an underrated backdrop venue for adventure seekers and backpackers to get married. The stunning sun- rises and the sunsets in the park create a perfect ambiance for an away wedding and the night sky creates a memora- ble canvas for the newlyweds to dream and hope for their future. This state park is a mixture of Palo Duro Canyon and Big Bend within its rock formations, valleys and mountains. The Davis State Park has miles of trails to explore and an Indian lodge with a rustic charm where wedding guests can stay up during the celebrations. It’s located North of Big Bend and Marfa for those who want something closer to the towns.

Photo by Brit Nicole with Texas Adventure Elopements

Photo by Ellie with Texas Adventure Elopements

Photo by Ellie with Texas Adventure Elopements




How to plan a successful getaway. While eloping can be very liberating, it can also come with a lot of tough decisions. A lot of couples struggle the most with how to include family in their adventurous elopement, who to bring with them, and who to leave behind during the elopement.

themselves. F

or the family members that make it to the invitation list, many couples will plan for them as many fun experiences as they will for

Prepare in advance; bringing the family to an elopement can be very emotionally demanding. Booking flights and accommodations in advance will make things cheaper and give you time to get permits and licenses especially if you are not living in Texas. When you get your documentation and bookings ready in good time, you and your partner will have more time with your family when you arrive at your destination.

One of the ideas behind a small intimate wedding is to ensure that a couple has the best days with minimal stress still in the traditional sense. Here is how you can easily plan an adventurous destination wedding with your family while ensuring that you still have your intimate feel with your partner.

Photo by Ellie with Texas Adventure Elopements

Photos by Brit Nicole Texas Adventure Elopements

Photo by Ellie with Texas Adventure Elopements



Raley Blackburn 214.546.2032

Photos by Brit Nicole Texas Adventure Elopements

Photos by Brit Nicole Texas Adventure Elopements

My FUN Tip: Get yourself a rug dance floor and have FUN with music! It brings such a better experience from all that work you put into bringing your dream elopement together

Communicate with the family in time about the travel plans and your expectations;

day. Book a tour guide in advance and allow your fam- ily to know more about your destination of choice and see why you may have settled on the specific place. Allow some free time for everyone; Not only do you need some alone time with your partner to internalize your elopement, but you also want to give room to your family members to explore the destination on their own and create relatable memories. You want the experience of your elopement to be something that your family will talk about for the rest of their lives. Finally, remember to breathe and let things flow. Continuously hanging out with family members while getting to know new ones from your partner’s side can be exhausting. Don’t compare what everyone is doing, instead, allow people to be themselves and trust that they all have the best interests for you during your big day. “Don’t compare what everyone is doing, instead, allow people to be themselves and trust that they all have the best interests for you during your big day”.

this will save you from last-minute inconveniences and disagreements that may spoil your day or dampen your mood. If family members know what is expected of them, they are likely to do their best to ensure that the bride and groom have the best time at their nuptials. Especially, if you are getting married in an area that doesn’t have the best cell service. Avoid high seasons in popular destinations; you want your family to enjoy the getaway and have new experiences. You can maintain intimacy by getting married in low seasons and allow everyone to have a better feel of the destination as the population will be less than normal. Getting married in low seasons will also give you access to places that you can reluctantly enjoy with your family without much interruption. *ahem* I’m talking to you spring break brides! Find out about the weather; Not only is this information necessary for the bride and groom as they prepare their attire for their special day, but it is also important for the guests so that they know what to pack for the elopement. Could you imagine exchanging your vows amongst people who were shaking and shivering because they were unprepared for cold weather? We’ve seen it, it’s not fun for them. With an elopement, your guests’ comfort is as

Photo by Ellie with Texas Adventure Elopements

good as yours. Make sure that your guests have packed well for the weather and the activities that you might all participate in while on your elopement. Do you need ponchos? A large umbrella for the sun? Prepare an itinerary and allocate responsibilities; To avoid unnecessary pressure make sure that all guests know where they should be at specific times, what activities they will be taking part in, and what their contribution will be in making your experiences great. This will make the adventure worthwhile and easy for yourself and the people you love. Consider a guided tour of the destination; this could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for some of your family members, while it is your day, I am sure you want them to remember the location and associate it with your wedding



Photo by Brit Nicole Texas Adventure Elopements

Photo by Ellie with Texas Adventure Elopements


Before the start of the wedding ceremony, more brides may want some one-on-one moments with their partners. Apart from the glitz and glam, the wedding day is also usually full of jitters. By the mere fact that the couple left their home to go somewhere different to get married, they may need some words of affirmation or reassurance from each other to lower the anxieties of the day. A morning with the partners may alsow be the perfect time to take first-look photographs with the couple while they are still fresh and before everyone else has a glimpse of your intimate moments. Heck, make some breakfast for your partner and help them get ready!

Photo by Brit Nicole Texas Adventure Elopements

Photo by Ellie with Texas Adventure Elopements

While every bride is always excited about their wedding day, some brides want to have unique, meaningful, and memorable experiences with the closest people to them. To start us off for 2023, here are some elopement trend predictions that are likely to happen this year. 2023 ELOPEMENT trend PREDICTIONS

While these traditions became outdated, the veil was revived by Queen Victoria on her wedding day and everyone else followed suit with little understanding of what it meant. Today the veil is a piece of a fashion statement. It is also used as an heirloom and is often complementing the wedding dress. For the eloping bride, the veil is becoming an unneces- sary accessory. Whether it’s a short one or a long veil, this piece of fashion may not find its place in the elopement weddings of 2023 because most brides find themselves not liking the responsibility of keeping up with it.. Instead of veils, 2023 elopement weddings are likely to embrace more bridal combs for a little sparkle, headbands that still show tradition but fun and sweetness to the bride’s look, or floral headbands that are either worn across the top of the head or the forehead in outdoor ceremonies.


Although the bride and their partner may want privacy on their big day, the need to include family and family traditions is becoming a popular trend, especially for the majority of people who value family ties. You want the adventurous intimate aspects of the wedding but you just don’t know how to include guests. While some couples will continue to elope with just them two, we see more wedding parties organized for a later date, with the aim of honoring families and their traditions. Another way to have a small, intimate wedding but still include guests would be to find a location where everyone can get to. A place that is easily accessible but also has the


Ditching the veil might make some brides feel guilty for breaking traditions. However, here is the truth about veils; The veil tradition dates back to Roman times when there were arranged marriages and veils were used to make sure that the groom did not have a chance to see

the bride or change his mind in the case that the bride was not as beautiful as he anticipated. Veils were a symbol of purity, they were meant to protect the bride from evil spirits that would either inflict harm on the bride or the nuptials.




landscape benefits that you are looking for. Many couples keep to tradition from getting ready with friends and family, walks down the aisle, celebration dinners, toasts and dancing. But all of this is taking place in remote locations with jaw dropping backdrops!


With the changing generations and varying interests between parents and their children, it only makes sense NO MOM-INFLUENCED WEDDINGS - THIS ISN’T YOUR GRANDMAS ELOPEMENT ANYMORE For the many brides who have chosen Texas as their wedding destination, they have witnessed that the photo- graphs taken with the backdrop of the state’s scenic views have always favored flat shoes or hiking boots more than it has high heels. We see 2023 brides looking for more comfort in lower shoes during their big day. We anticipate more chic and trendy yet functional footwear for brides looking to explore the beautiful Texas wedding elopement venues. You know, the ones who are hoping to explore and have much fun on their day cliffside.

Photos by Brit Nicole + Ellie with Texas Adventure Elopements



Many eloping couples will be choosing ceremonies that reflect their personalities. This may be seen in the choice of stunning backdrop, the time of the wedding, the music collection, traveling, or the guests that are invited. We encourage all wedding guests of 2023 to be more accommodating of the couples desires and enjoy the celebration and every effort that has been put into the elopement. 2023 is proving to bring with it a more liberal approach to wedding elopements and we are in support of the trends. After all, uniqueness is what makes people special, and that in itself is beautiful. “We anticipate more chic and trendy yet functional footwear for brides looking to explore the beautiful Texas wedding elopement venues” BEAUTIFUL EXHIBITIONS OF PERSONALITIES

that many couples will be prioritizing their interests more than their mothers’ and grandmothers’ traditions on their wedding day. This must however not be seen as a rebellion, but rather an expression of the bride’s creativity, personality, and dreams for the couple’s once-in-a-lifetime event. This type of way of getting married is geared towards the couples interests and intimate aspects, anyway.

Photos by Brit Nicole + Ellie with Texas Adventure Elopements




How Taylor + Logan met We met on bumble, I asked if he could have any superpower what would it be. He sent me a book back as his answer weighing the pros and cons of each individual power! We spoke for about 6months before finally meeting in person! From then on we were inseparable, we Began hiking and exploring the world together. Then when I completely changed careers, taking a huge leap of faith from a secure job to the unknown of a creative career. He never doubted me, not when money was tight or I felt like giving up. So when he finally asked me to marry him I had no doubt in my mind. What was your favorite memory of the day? Really watching the whole vision come together, we have been working on this DIY, Sustainable wedding for 3 years now. Every little detail coming together and working so seamlessly was one of the most accomplishing feelings. We rescued plates, silverware, and glasses from 100s of estate sales, the vanity we rescued, painted, and completely transformed! We used scrap fabric for napkins, cut, ironed, sewed them so they could then be written on, then reused to be transformed into a wedding quilt! We used recycled Manila folders for all the invitations and programs and used seeded paper for the guest gifts. The rug we got married on is actually the rug from our home, the rug where our coffee table sits and our dogs sleep. We used dried flowers so as to give them a second life, even the garter belt was just some spare ribbon we had laying around! So getting to see those little details come together and create a WEDDING was exceptional. If you were to give advice for future brides who want to DIY Elope with Family, what would it be? My advice to future brides is to put your own little details into it, use your rug from home, that vase from your dining room table, maybe even your side table to be used as a photobooth! Whatever it is bring that piece of home and heart with you. Seeing them there made the wedding feel warm and cozy, and every day I’m in my home I see those reminders of my special day and a piece of me gets to relive it.

Photos by Brit Nicole with Texas Adventure Elopements




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