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Annual Report 2023



At the core of SAI's offerings lies its Clinical Services Department, encompassing a range of therapeutic education, prevention programs, and counseling services. These programs cater to diverse needs, including sex abuse prevention, problematic sexualized behaviors, and trauma- sensitive therapeutic milieus aimed at young women aged 12-21. The institute's Qualified Residential Treatment Program operates round- the-clock to provide a supportive and structured environment for individuals within this age group. SAI's community extends beyond clinical programs, incorporating various services designed to address a wide array of challenges faced by children, adolescents, and families. This commitment to excellence and compassion shapes their comprehensive approach to aid those in need.

St. Anne Institute (SAI), established in 1887, has evolved into a multifaceted institution dedicated to assisting children and families in crises. Initially founded to foster the development of skills and confidence, SAI's spectrum of services expanded over time. It presently stands as one of three agencies in New York offering comprehensive programs tailored to meet the evolving needs of its community.

Annual Report 2023



Dear Esteemed Supporters and Friends,

I am delighted to share the incredible progress and achievements of our community in 2022-2023. The institute has successfully met several strategic objectives. Our foremost accomplishment was crafting a robust Continuous Quality Improvement Program (CQIP). This initiative underscores our commitment to fostering a nurturing agency culture, empowering our staff, and enabling them to comprehend their pivotal role in realizing our mission. The CQIP focuses on continually assessing our services to positively impact the lives of the children and families we serve. We are dedicated to a data-driven approach, ensuring data accuracy, using it to identify areas for improvement, facilitating informed decision-making, and delving deep into root causes to enhance outcomes. Collaborative Efforts: The institute, involving 25 staff from various departments, collaborated with Effective Systems Innovation, Inc. for ten months, revitalizing our Vision, Mission, Key Goals, and Performance Measures outlined in the attached Strategy Map . 1. Progress in Projects: Collaborations with the Office of Mental Health and Sanders Architects have advanced the architectural plans for the Crisis Residence. Renovations are underway and expected to conclude in 3-4 months, aiming for an early spring opening. 2. Community Initiatives: Our Community Based Clinical and Care Management Division established partnerships with The Pride Center, Rensselaer City School District, and Corinth School District, extending mental health and support services, positively impacting diverse communities. 3. Acknowledgements: Special appreciation to Sandra Tarkleson, Angela Fedullo, and the Foundation and Institute Board of Directors for their remarkable fundraising efforts, enabling multiple capital improvement projects. 4. Future Prospects: Despite not being selected as a "Long Term Residential Foster Care Provider" by ORR, we remain committed to supporting providers and young individuals across the state. 5. As we step into 2024, I extend my gratitude for your continuous support and collaboration, envisioning a year of further accomplishments and impact on New York State's vulnerable communities.

Warm regards, Richard Hucke Richard Hucke, LCSW Chief Executive Officer, St. Anne Institute

Annual Report 2023



The Vision of St. Anne Institute is to be the leading provider of innovative and equitable human services.


To partner with individuals and families in a supportive and inclusive environment to achieve shared goals and strengthen communities.

Continuous Quality Improvement Program

Saint Anne Institute (SAI) prioritizes creating a healthy agency culture to empower staff and fulfill its mission. The Continuous Quality Improvement Program (CQIP) aims to continuously evaluate services through a data- driven approach. The commitment includes accurate data collection, identifying gaps for improvement, and using data for decision-making. The robust CQIP system, initiated in late 2022, involves inclusive collaboration with staff from all departments. This ensures the best outcomes for children and families, reinforcing a culture of inclusivity, teamwork, and transparency. SAI recognizes the value of direct care staff and has a comprehensive plan to rollout the revised mission, key goals, and measures through various channels, with completion projected in the fall/winter. The SAI performance measurement system comprises an Identity Map, Performance Measures, and Quarterly Target Reviews (QTRs).

Annual Report 2023


The Vision of St. Anne Institute is to be the leading provider of innovative and equitable human services.

St. Anne Institute is a human services agency whose mission is … To partner with individuals and families in a supportive and inclusive environment to achieve shared goals and strengthen communities.

Key Goals

Promote physical and emotional safety for all individuals and families

Strengthen agency community identity and relationships

Anticipate and respond to emerging needs

Foster a learning organization

Ensure open and collaborative communication with all individuals and families

Provide equitable access to quality and

Foster diverse, equitable, inclusive and accessible services

Engage in evidence-

Cultivate and nurture a skilled

informed, person- centered services

and caring workforce

effective services

Provide a physically safe and comfortable learning environment Provide academic instruction for

Ensure a safe agency

Maintain a physically and emotionally safe and productive environment Commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and equal access Ensure financial security and stability Provide training, supervision, and professional development Recruit, hire, retain, and support proper staffing Marketing, fundraising, and outreach Advocacy and strengthening community linkages Advance modern and innovative technical systems

Provide a full array of therapeutic assessments, treatment, support services, case management, and aftercare services to residential and community-based clients Provide routine psychiatric assessments and services for residential clients Provide routine medical management, and nursing services for residential clients Develop and assessments, clinical case maintain service plans and ensure SPR meetings are held Provide a full array of emergency shelter services for homeless youth Provide therapeutic arts and recreation

Provide and receive referrals

environment for individuals and families Develop and revise policies, protocols, and procedures Conduct incident reviews to identify risks and areas for improvement Work cooperatively with oversight agencies to promote accountability and ensure compliance with mandates Collect, analyze, and use data to inform practice Ensure compliance with agency policies and all federal, state, county, and local laws and regulations Create a feedback loop to share data

Process new enrollments and admissions Connect with youth and families to assess needs/acuity Provide family support services Develop and maintain plan of care and ensure IDT meetings are held Promote the social determinants of health

students in support of achieving

academic goals (students PreK and ages 12-21 years) Nurture the development of life skills, coping skills, and social and emotional well being Provide pre- vocational and vocational training

and progress toward goals Maintain

standards set forth by the Council on Accreditation and regulatory bodies

Case Management, Care Management & Service Coordination

Risk Management, Quality Improvement & Compliance

Business Operations & Development

Treatment Services

Education & Vocation

Annual Report 2023


St. Anne Institute is a human services agency whose mission is… To partner with individuals and families in a supportive and inclusive environment to achieve shared goals and strengthen communities.

Process Measures

Risk Management, Quality Improvement & Compliance Mandatory Reporting & Investigations Emergency Drills Staff/Client Injuries & Accidents

Case Management, Care Management & Service Coordination

Business Operations & Development

Education & Vocation

Treatment Services

Program & Services Revenue Payroll Issued Via Line of Credit Lost Revenue Budget vs. Actual Reports Lost/Failed Reimbursements Overtime Use IT Help Tickets Work Order Completion Cyber Security & Stability Staff Coverage Internal Safety Plans Workers Compensation Vehicle Maintenance Compliance Vacancy Rate Intake & Census Data Insurance Reimbursements Tracking Payments & Bills Staff Skill & Career Development Staff Retention & Years of Service Staff Onboarding Staff Recruitment New Hire Satisfaction Treatment Model Fidelity Donor Engagement Multilingual Staff

Initial Contact Timeliness

Education Credits Earned Education Activities & Learning Impact Day Treatment Referrals Education Evaluation Completion &

Medication Compliance Medication Errors Medical Treatment Plan Timeliness Medical Intakes Medical Appointments Nutrition Education Mental Health Referrals Treatment Goal Completion Assessments & Treatment Plans Quality & Timeliness Participation in Groups Restorative Circles Client Discharges Family, Sibling, & Resource Visits Client Contacts Youth Behavior Duration of Services Engagement in Treatment Discharge Summaries Completed

ICSP Timeliness Initial Treatment Meeting Timeliness Care Management Plans & Assessments Case Management Assessments

Incident Review Committee (IRC) Policy & Procedure Review Improvement Plan Completion LSI Completion Grant-Funded Reports Client Case Record Reviews

Timeliness Attendance

Youth with Post- Graduation Plans Minutes out of Class Youth Experience of Education Environment Students Completing Education Program Youth Job Engagement Youth Earning a Passing Grade

Performance Evaluations Audit Results Agency Meetings

Agency Annual Report Website & Social Media Quarterly Treatment Reviews Staff Training Compliance Incidents & Placement Disruptions

Outcome Measures

Anticipate and respond to emerging needs New Programs & Projects

Provide equitable access to quality and

Foster diverse, equitable, inclusive and accessible services Staff Diversity Promoting Cultural Activities & Inclusion Staff Perception

Strengthen agency community identity and relationships

Cultivate and nurture a skilled and caring workforce

Engage in evidence- informed, person-

Ensure open and collaborative communication with all individuals and families Client Satisfaction Family Engagement

Promote physical and emotional safety for all individuals and families

effective services Client Connection to Resources School Outcomes Successful Family Reunifications Education Diploma Education Test Score Improvement

centered services Youth Improvement

IT Upgrades & Modernization

Staff Supervision & Support Professional Development Staff Satisfaction Staff Health & Wellness

Community Engagement Stakeholder Perception County Partners & Contracts Support for Sister Agencies

Foster a learning organization

Physical Plant Safety Youth Feel Safe Staff Feel Safe Incidents

Successful Discharge Program Utilization Successful Audits

of Agency Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Access to Services

Staff Suggestions Implemented Client Suggestions Implemented

Fund Development • Human Resources • Early Childhood Education • Facilities • Medical Services • IT Support • Runaway and Homeless Youth Services • Quality Management • Care Management Services• Agency and Behavioral Support • Business Office • Education Services • Aftercare Services Residential Services • Residential Clinical Services •Community-Based Clinical Services • Vocational Day Services

Annual Report 2023



Dear Friends of St. Anne’s

I am thrilled to share the incredible news that the Foundation and its members, past and present, received a heartfelt honor at the Gold Heart Gala this past May. This recognition has invigorated our Foundation's mission, emphasizing the substantial financial support provided to the St. Anne Institute over the years. Our ongoing capital campaign, led by the Development Office, has seen remarkable success. It rekindled support and donations for the agency, and our Foundation proudly contributed $50,000 towards renovating the kitchen. The anticipated transformation, set for early March 2024, will showcase the fruits of this effort. This campaign has achieved significant milestones, including roofing improvements for the greenhouse, an updated elevator, a complete overhaul of the agency's behavioral support area, a revamped library with new books, technology, and meditation space, as well as the installation of new HVAC systems. I take immense pride in being part of this exceptional group - the Foundation board members, Institute members, St. Anne Institute staff, our community, and those we assist. Your dedication has been instrumental in advancing mental health initiatives. My heartfelt thanks to all our donors, volunteers, and supporters; your contributions are indispensable in our collective journey.

Stephen Schifley Foundation President

Board of Trustees Foundation Stephen Schifley, Board Chair Wanda Zygmuntowicz, Board Vice Chair Tim Barker, Board Treasurer

Members Melanie Bessette Chris Fedullo Sarah Halliday

Jill Johnson Imelda Lane Kingsley Osei Janna Pfluger-Boucher Elizabeth Reuss Mary Rogan

With gratitude, Steve Schifley


Annual Report 2023


Board of Trustees Institute

Vincent Colonno, Board Chair Tina Kehoe Cheeks, Board Vice Chair John Cococcia, Board Treasurer Marilyn Kacica, Board Secretary

Vincent Colonno Institute President

Dear Friends of St. Anne’s,

Members Dana Abbott

2022-23 posed significant challenges, yet it proved to be an incredibly productive year. Despite an escalating demand for our services within a highly needy population, our relentless staff persevered daily. Their dedication not only allowed us to tackle existing tasks but also empowered us to devise innovative strategies for the future. The exceptional leadership at St. Anne's has adeptly guided our team forward - they are truly the best! I extend heartfelt gratitude to our devoted Trustees and volunteers for their unwavering support, providing resources, and shaping the vision driving St. Anne's mission. Most importantly, I express my deepest thanks to each one of you for your unwavering support. Your contributions are invaluable; our collective success is undoubtedly a result of our cohesive teamwork. Wishing everyone a joyous and healthy New Year! Warm regards, Vince

Richard Altman Jaclyn A. Brilling

Jon deForrest Brian Flowers Samantha Sutfin-Gray Denise Hinds Kim Kaiser Robert J. McLaughlin

Francesca Morris Kathleen Rivera Liza Tougher Henri Williams


Annual Report 2023


Chief Officers of St. Anne Institute

Richard Hucke, Chief Executive Officer Michelle Parady, Chief Program Officer Sandra Tarkleson, Chief Development Officer Dawn Pasquarell, Chief Finance Officer Diane Malecki, Chief Human Resource Officer

Directors - St. Anne Institute Terri Boland, Residential Services Ajrie Demelli, Medical Services Tami Flaherty, Community Based Clinical & Care Management Alexa Maelia, Residential Clinical Services Elyse Natenberg, Billing, A.R., Collections & Contracts Kim Patterson, Agency Behavioral Support Rick Potter, Education Christine Ransom, Quality Management & Compliance Tim Roberts, Information Technology Pam Rouhlac, New Beginnings Youth Shelter, Street Outreach


Annual Report 2023







Tim & Anne Barker

Jaclyn A Brilling, Esq. & Michael J. Horgan, MD

Chris & Suzanne Fedullo



Annual Report 2023


Bombas Anonymous Mrs. Rhea P. Clark Diane & Paul Malecki B. Lodge Co. Inc. Tom Baldwin Mr. John J. Nigro Saratoga Restaurant Supply Jacqueline Rea Jim Larson Review Foundation Victory Church Mark Bolles Karensa Rybak Mrs. Liza Tougher Brown & Brown Insurance Agency 4IMPRINT Resurgence Investments Garland Nelson John & Christene Derboghossian Matthew Johnson Ms. Melanie A. Bessette Anonymous

Samantha Sutfin-Gray Ms. Michelle Parady Ms. Sarah A. Halliday Callaway Golf Corp. Generation Axe Ed Kacerguis Mr. & Mrs. Bob McCormick Broadview Federal Credit Union Morgan Linen Service Mr. & Mrs. Charles O'Hare Northeast Information Systems The Otesaga Dina & Paul Astemborski Kim A. Scalzo The Gallant Group Joshua Freddoso Mr. & Mrs. Doug E. Bailey Francesca Morris Carrie Hillenbrandt David Luci Hidden Meadows Golf Club Kathleen Writer Knights of Columbus Anonymous Mr. Jack K. Mulvey Mr. Paul Gioia Mr. Ron W. Mason Thomas & Patricia O'Toole Luke & Kathryn Roden Brad & Rebecca Junco Colonie Golf & Country Club Malone Golf Club Henri Williams Mr. Ken J. Gallant Ms. Dana Peterson Dana Abbott Destination Nissan & Destination Kia Honorable John T. McDonald, III Vanderheyden Hall Shaker Ridge Golf Shop Holiday Inn Express & Suites Crisafulli Bros. Plumbing & Heating Contractors, Inc. Driscoll Foods Hill & Markes, Inc. Jason Kartis

Nancy Waugh Normanside Country Club Stadium Golf Club, Inc. Windham Country Club

Charles E. Diamond Mr. John M. Williams Rick Potter

Mr. Ron L. Guzior Mr. Tom F. Buckley Mr. Dick Lasky Dr. & Mrs. Lindsay N. Childs Isn't It Sweet Kenneth McGivney Mr. Darius Shahinfar Pursuit Sister Mary Ann LoGiudice Mr. Mike Catena Tami Flaherty Anne M. Roche Catherine Regan Craig S. Ott Daniel Keating Generations Planning Group, LLC

Tina K. Cheeks Albany Marriott Mr. Chris Madden Robert J. McLaughlin KJCKD, Inc. Vince W. Colonno

Jerry Mastrianni Joyelles Jewelers Ken Hergert Michael Kirtio Ms. Susan Schell Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Konieczny Briar Creek Golf Course Capital HIlls Golf CLub Elyse D. Natenberg Joe A. Bradley

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Tucker Mr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Mitchell Nigro Companies Mr. & Mrs. Steve M. Schifley WGY Christmas Wish - IHeart Media DeCrescente Distribution Company, Inc. Dwight Plumbing & Heating, Inc.

Johanna Steper Kathleen Rivera

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LaSalle School Albany McGovern Auto Group Mr. Andy T. O'Reilly

Annual Report 2023



Katie Dollard Mary Rogan Mr. Brian Payne

Toro Restaurant Troy Savings Bank Music Hall Proctors Theatre Dan & Christina Ryan Mildred Elley - Albany Saratoga Eagle Hoffman's Development Corp Dr. Marilyn Kacica Ms. Karen Carpenter-Palumbo Ms. Tami M. Cole

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Annual Report 2023



387 Donations

$691,461.75 Raised

57 New Facebook Followers

6,059 Facebook Visits

$54,898 Unrestricted Donations

$96,680 In-Kind Donations

$383,500 Foundation/ Grants

12,100 Website Visits

108,000 Website Impressions

$156,384 Capital Campaign

230% increase

212% increase


I am thrilled to share the remarkable achievements of our Capital Campaign, which commenced in the fall of 2021. To date, we have successfully raised an inspiring total of $976,285, enabling us to complete several impactful projects: Upgrades to the elevator ($375,000) Renovated and updated the entrance to our Agency Behavioral Support entrance ($175,000) New roofing for the pool and garden area ($14,000) Updates to our heating systems ($25,750) Updated library for the school ($12,000) New therapeutic playground for the preschool area ($43,000) Kitchen renovations (to be completed late February 2024 - $187,000) As we move forward, we extend our gratitude to our current donors and friends for their unwavering support.


Annual Report 2023


Dear Supporters and Friends of St. Anne Institute,

I extend my sincere gratitude for your continued support of St. Anne Institute's mission. Your support continues to provide crucial health and human services to thousands in New York State and has played a significant role in the success of our recent fundraising efforts. Over the past years, we have been fortunate to count on supporters like you who have contributed to our cause, and your dedication has made a lasting impact on our organization. We understand the importance of diversity in fundraising strategies and are committed to ensuring that our requests for support are not burdensome for any individual or group. As we embark on new initiatives in 2024, we are mindful of the need to broaden our support base. While we greatly appreciate the consistent contributions from our current donors, we recognize the importance of reaching out to new friends and supporters. This approach not only helps us expand our reach but also ensures a sustainable and diverse network of support.

To avoid placing undue strain on our loyal constituents, we encourage our community to assist in other ways:

Host an Event: Consider hosting an event at your home to raise awareness about our mission. Corporate Involvement: Invite us to speak at your company, involving your colleagues and employees. Spread the Word: Share our cause with friends, co-workers, and others who may be interested. Social Media: Encourage your friends, family, coworkers, and others to follow SAI on our social media platforms to increase our range. Referral Programs: Refer friends, family, or colleagues who might be interested in supporting our cause. Consider offering incentives or recognition for successful referrals

By engaging with our broader community, we can foster a culture of compassion and trust. Your support in these efforts is invaluable, and together, we can continue making a difference in the lives of those we serve.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to St. Anne Institute. We look forward to your continued partnership and support.


Sandra Tarkleson Chief Development Officer St. Anne Institute


Annual Report 2023


This section provides an overview of our fiscal year from July 1, 2022, to June 30, 2023, encompassing both the Institute and Foundation information . While this Annual Report focuses on the calendar year 2023, we invite you to explore our financial stewardship and the impact of our mission-driven initiatives. Below are the audited financials, ensuring transparency and accountability in our reporting process.

Income Statement Revenue & Support

$10,476,386 $ 1,889,287 $ 250,000 $ 132,680 $ 265,332 $ 68,053

Programs Services Government Grants Development Grants Fundraising & Contributions Gifts to St. Anne Institute In-Kind Contributions

Total Revenues & Support



$12,995,564 $ 741,732 $ 250,000 $ 288,765 $14,276,061 ($1,194,323)

Programs Services Management & General Development Grant Expenses Fundraising

Total Expenses


Adjustment for Subsequent Events: Expenses reimbursed in FY22


Adjusted Surplus/(Deficit)


Total Surplus/(Deficit) FY23




Annual Report 2023 Annual Report 2023


Since 1887, St. Anne Institute has been dedicated to helping children and families overcome crises in their lives. Over time, we have observed a shift in needs, with our services now catering to some of the highest acuity cases in NYS. Our adaptive approach includes a 24-hour trauma-sensitive Residential Treatment Program for young women aged 12-21, innovative Community Based Clinical & Care Management Services , and an Integrated Care Management model designed to treat the whole person. We have partnered with Health Homes to serve eligible children and young adults in multiple counties, emphasizing our commitment to comprehensive care. The Runaway and Homeless Youth Center and Street Outreach Program address the critical needs of vulnerable youth in Albany and surrounding areas. Our Education Programs, including a Certified Special Education School and Universal Pre-Kindergarten , reflect our dedication to fostering growth in young minds. Furthermore, we provide mental health services for individuals, families, and youth in the areas we serve.



African American


Declined to Specify








American Indian




Denotes SAI County Contractst





Over 2,400 Individuals Served

90% of the SAI staff say their work is meaningful!

Of the 2,400 served, all used multiple programs and services.

Annual Report 2023




Annual Report 2023

St. Anne Institute 160 North Main Ave Albany, NY 12206 518-437-6500

SATELLITE OFFICES Community-Based Clinical & Care Management Services

HUDSON FALLS 421 Lower Main St. Hudson Falls, NY 12839 518-747-0756 Fax: 518-747-0734

TROY 1801 6th Ave 2nd Floor Troy, NY 12180 518-796-6817 Fax: 518-272-9169


Annual Report 2023

Prepared By: Sandra Tarkleson

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