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HOME SHOULD BE EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT IT TO BE. A place to relax. A place to entertain. A place of luxury. Completely customized , with all the features you need. Entirely elevated , with the latest technology. Totally transformed , into the space of your dreams. At Starpower, we provide elegant and intelligent custom installations of cutting-edge products. Creating spaces of luxury, spaces built just for you, spaces to call home.

If it’s time to customize your first space, or if you’re ready to elevate your next room, Starpower is ready to help transform your home .

Our dedicated team of highly trained professionals is here to make your Starpower experience exceptional. From the moment you walk in, our friendly staff will guide you through every step, ensuring a seamless project from start to finish. Committed to fostering lifelong relationships, we pride ourselves on our innovative solutions, creative approaches, and unwavering dedication to extraordinary customer service. With us, you’re not just a customer; you’re part of our family, and we’re committed to delivering a world-class experience every time.

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ELECTRONICS & APPLIANCES We pride ourselves in offering the finest brands in consumer electronics and appliances to elevate your home and enhance your entertainment spaces. THE MODERN KITCHEN A cooking space. A gathering space. The heart of your home. Let us help you create the perfect kitchen for your unique culinary and aesthetic style. OUTDOOR LIVING Transform your backyard into an outdoor oasis, complete with comfortable seating and luxury electronics and appliances that offer endless entertainment. DESIGN & FINISHES From the light-transforming powers of Hunter Douglas premium window treatments to painting, countertops, backsplashes, wet bars, and more, we’ll see your design through to the last detail.



Two styles, infinite beauty. Starpower is your ticket to unique self- expression and comfort in every room. This season, we’re exploring how in-home electronics and appliances can elevate both contemporary and traditional spaces. Come with us to discover how the aesthetic of your surroundings and the practicality of electronics can create something that’s both visually stunning and exceptionally functional. Whether you’re drawn to a timeless, classic look or the sleek lines of modern design, both are beautiful, and Starpower is ready to help you maximize the potential of your most beloved spaces.

Experts, like Chris, work with you every step of the way. From product selection, to system design and innovative customizations to meet your every need. CHRIS V. | EXPERT SINCE 2004 STARPOWER Expert


85" Sony BRAVIA 4K MINILED delivers sparkling brilliance and deep blacks.

Sleep, relax, repeat. With clean lines, minimalist furnishings, and an uncluttered atmosphere, a contemporary bedroom sets the stage for a peaceful night’s rest. It also welcomes space for something more—a wall- mounted centerpiece ready to transport you into a world of entertainment or perhaps an in-wall fireplace to make your haven extra cozy. Whatever you decide, enjoy the seamless fusion of style and technology as you rest and relax. CONTEMPORARY BEDROOM

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This custom Shaw Area Rug complements a top-of-the-line television to create warmth and beauty.

Revel In-Ceiling Speakers blend into your room while

providing amazing sound quality, truly elevating your viewing or listening experience.

Smart Drapes can be programmed to fit your sleep schedule and to auto-adjust to the sunlight outside.


65" Samsung 4K OLED with Matte Finish boasts glare-free technology that reduces reflections.

Smart Home Remote features control your lighting, shades, thermostat, audio, video, and more.

Mohawk carpet styles can be bound into a custom rug for your space, a great way to add texture and warmth to a room while showcasing your style.

Smart Window Shades that auto-adjust to the sunlight outside.


The best of both worlds. Decorative details. Sophisticated charm. Classic aesthetics. Traditional design exudes elegance, and when paired with smart technology, you experience luxury on an entirely new level. At Starpower, we bring you the best of both worlds: everything you need to create comfortable sleeping quarters that honor tradition, plus the newest technology and entertainment features to make each night (or day) a regal retreat.

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77" Sony Bravia 4K OLED TV offers an array of smart features.


Transcend the ordinary. When cutting-edge technology meets top-tier aesthetics, your living space transforms into something extraordinary. From a crystal-clear OLED TV to a sophisticated sound system, every detail helps create an immersive sensory experience and an atmosphere of pure luxury. These high-end electronics aren’t just for show; they enhance the functionality of your space, turning any room into a sanctuary of modern sophistication and comfort. CONTEMPORARY LIVING SPACE

Stunning Flooring options add extra definition and texture to the room.

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Revel In-Ceiling Speakers blend into your room while

providing amazing sound quality, truly elevating your viewing or listening experience.

Smart Lighting and Fan Automate your lighting, fans, temperature, shades and more with our advanced smart home systems.


83" LG 4K Wireless OLED TV features extraordinary color and brightness.

Smart Home Remote features control your lighting, shades, thermostat, audio, video, and more.

Bowers & Wilkins In-Ceiling Speakers blend into your room while providing amazing sound quality, truly elevating your viewing or listening experience.

Smart Window Shades that auto-adjust to the sunlight outside.


Charm meets convenience. In a setting adorned with classic furnishings, rich textures, and ornate details, adding high-end electronics takes sophistication to a whole new level. With a state-of-the-art home theater system or a smart lighting control system, you can modernize your space without compromising the traditional aesthetic. Think of it as the charm of the past meeting the convenience of the future, offering a personalized experience that caters to the senses and demands of contemporary living.

Custom Leather Seating creates the perfect leather sofa, sectional, recliner or loveseat for any room in your home with our 100% custom leather furniture — hand-made right here in Dallas, Texas.

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Smart Outdoor Shades that auto-adjust to the sunlight outside.

A modern oasis just beyond your back door. Contemporary outdoor living areas have seen quite the makeover in recent years, with luxury technology added into the mix for an upgraded experience. Think: smart outdoor lighting, weatherproof HD TVs, and top-notch sound systems. It’s like taking your indoor comforts outside, where you can enjoy your favorite shows, movies, or music in the open air. And when it comes to year-round comfort, we’ve got you covered with climate-control technology like remote- controlled fire pits and misting fans. Want to turn it all on with just your voice? No problem. With voice-activated assistants and automation technology, effortless control is at your fingertips. It’s outdoor living that’s truly luxurious. CONTEMPORARY OUTDOOR SPACE

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75" Sunbrite Veranda Outdoor TV is designed for permanent outdoor installation in partial- sun areas.

Outdoor Area Rug: Refresh your outdoor decor with the bold look of this Nourison & Home indoor/ outdoor rug from the Twist Reversible Collection.


65" Furrion Outdoor Smart TV Optimized to work in partially sunny areas, Furrion Aurora TVs are ideal for outdoor viewing.

Alfresco ALXE Grill is for those who appreciate quality,

versatility and performance.

Outdoor Landscape Speakers that disappear in the foliage for a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic.

Tradition with a new-age twist. Picture this: the gentle sounds of a classic water feature mixed with tunes from a top- notch outdoor sound system, surrounding you with a sensory symphony. It’s the perfect balance of tradition and technology, turning your outdoor retreat into something new yet familiar. Or imagine yourself by a grand stone fireplace, soaking in the tranquility of nature, while an outdoor kitchen equipped with gleaming stainless steel appliances awaits your culinary creativity. These are just a few ways you can blend rustic aesthetics with 21st-century technology, allowing you to enjoy modern luxuries while still connecting with the natural world. TRADITIONAL OUTDOOR SPACE

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THE SUBTLE SMART HOME Live smarter, not harder. From cutting-edge security cameras keeping watch to backyard speakers serenading your outdoor gatherings, let the latest technology and our custom installation help turn any space into a convenient haven of smart sophistication.

Elegantly embedded in the rooms of your choice, our smart home control panels effortlessly synchronize to grant you seamless control, ensuring unparalleled convenience throughout your home.

Experience peace of mind with seamlessly integrated smart home security cameras and control systems, ensuring your safety with effortless monitoring and management.

Starpower’s luxury smart home lighting system seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology with elegant design, illuminating your space with effortless style and unparalleled convenience.

Starpower’s upscale outdoor audio systems immerse you in a symphony of crisp, dynamic sound, transforming your outdoor space into an oasis of sonic luxury.

Total Control 9" Wireless Touch Screen links your home environment, giving you control over lighting, temperature, and sound from one location.

URC Remote features Alexa voice commands, giving you control over your lighting, shades, thermostat, audio, video, and more. All from one location!


“ ”

Your service just continues to reinforce why you are the ONLY home theater, audio/visual and home automation company we will use. I HAVE BEEN, AND CONTINUE TO BE A RAVING FAN OF STARPOWER.

-Bruce R. | Dallas, TX

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Maximize the potential of classic or modern.

Your kitchen is more than just a place to prepare meals—it’s a reflection of your personal style and appreciation for innovation and comfort. Whether you’re going for a traditional or more contemporary aesthetic, you’ll find that our collection offers endless options for style and functionality. No matter which one you choose, our designs, combined with state- of-the-art kitchen appliances, surpass the boundaries of culinary imagination. Now, let’s explore the potential and beauty that awaits in a classic or modern cooking space.

Customer Service experts like Brandi will ensure your product selection and installation are executed flawlessly. BRANDI T. | EXPERT SINCE 2011 STARPOWER Expert



Cutting-edge technology meets aesthetic appeal.

In the realm of contemporary kitchen design, luxury appliances take center stage. More than just culinary tools, these appliances are both functional and sophisticated with their sleek lines, minimalist designs, and premium features. From smart refrigerators that manage your grocery list to cooktops with precise temperature control, each luxury appliance defines convenience and efficiency. Ready to refine your culinary experience? We are, too.

Quartz Countertops add refinement and beauty to any kitchen. Countertops as low as $XXX

Elegant Gas Cooktop expands your cooking capabilities with features like the Chrome Electric Griddle and two versatile 20,000 BTU Ultra Power™ Dual-Flame Burners.

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DMF Lighting Warm Dim Pendant Speakers gives you the flexibility to choose the light that’s right for your space.

Quartz Countertops expertly suited for your space and evenings of entertaining.

Shop the latest line-up of quiet dishwashers to make communal spaces more enjoyable during clean-up.


Custom Cabinetry allows you to get the finishes and storage upgrades you want to fit your lifestyle.

Select from a wide variety of natural and manufactured hardwood floors that will bring warmth and style to any room in your home.

Thermador Ranges don't settle for out-of-the-box; design your custom hood with our team of experts.

Gorgeous backsplashes for any environment are expertly designed and installed by Star Interior Resources.

Thermador Ranges offer economical solutions without sacrificing class.


The heart of your home. A classic kitchen design is all about heritage and elegance, radiating warmth and comfort. More than just a cooking spot, it’s a place where you gather, celebrate, and bring cherished family recipes to life. Our collection pays tribute to this enduring beauty, where intricate details, plush textures, and timeless materials effortlessly blend with the latest kitchen gadgets. We like to think of it as a combination of old- world charm and modern tech, helping to turn every dish you whip up into a culinary masterpiece. Welcome to a kitchen that embraces the best of both worlds, honoring the past while embracing the future.

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They will work hard to earn your business and accommodate you. Lots of times the products are the same price, no matter where you shop, so it’s all about customer service and care, and they deliver!

-Robin R. | McKinney, TX

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A Family Affair Long dedicated to family values, Ed Kellum & Son remains a family owned business as a part of the Star Companies. The mission of Ed and Pat Kellum remains a key factor in the brand's longevity, instilling. sense of pride, heritage and continuity for customers and employees alike. Personalized Service What truly sets Ed Kellum & Son apart is their unwavering commitment to personalized service. In an era when many transactions happen online, this retailer continues to invest in face-to-face relationships with their customers. Their expert team provides guidance and knowledge to assist customers in making informed decisions about their luxury appliance and electronics purchases. This personalized approach is a cherished tradition and has helped build consistent trust within the community. Staying Ahead of the Curve Ed Kellum & Son’s success over the years can be attributed to their ability to stay ahead of the curve. They keep a keen eye on industry trends and technological advancements, ensuring they always offer the very best products. From cutting-edge appliances to the latest home entertainment systems, Ed Kellum & Son, remains at the forefront of innovation. Community Involvement Beyond being a purveyor of luxury appliances and electronics, Ed Kellum & Son has always been deeply committed to the Dallas/ Fort Worth community. Over the years, they have contributed to numerous charitable causes, cementing their role not just as a business but as a partner in community growth. Looking to the Future As Ed Kellum & Son celebrates 75 years of excellence, the future looks as bright as ever. The company is poised to continue its legacy of providing the finest in luxury appliances and electronics to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. With their unwavering commitment to quality, personalized service, and community involvement, there’s no doubt that this retailer will remain a beacon of luxury and reliability for years to come. Ed Kellum & Son’s remarkable journey from 1948 to the present is a testament to the enduring power of quality, family values, and community engagement. Congratulations, Ed Kellum & Son, for defining luxury in Dallas/Fort Worth and for being a shining example of the American dream. Here’s to 75 years and many more to come.


In our rapidly changing world, businesses come and go. So it’s impressive when a company not only stands the test of time but thrives. Ed Kellum & Son, the family-owned luxury appliance and electronics retailer in Dallas/Fort Worth, is one of these noteworthy examples. This year marks the company’s 75th anniversary, a testament to the standard they’ve set for generations in terms of high-end home appliances and cutting- edge electronics. As we celebrate this exciting milestone, let’s journey back in time to explore the roots and evolution of Ed Kellum & Son and the secrets to their long-term success. A Legacy Begins Ed Kellum, a World War II veteran, founded Ed Kellum & Son in 1948 during a time of tremendous change and innovation in America. The company was built on an unwavering commitment to quality and exceptional customer service—values that continue to define the business today. Steadfast Commitment to Luxury From the very beginning, Ed Kellum & Son positioned itself as the go-to destination for luxury appliances and electronics. The store quickly garnered a reputation for providing the finest products from top brands in the industry. Focusing on innovation and superior performance, the company catered to the most discerning customers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.


ONLY THE BEST IN LUXURY APPLIANCES With our thoughtful selection of luxury appliances, we make it easy to transform everyday living and help you entertain in style. We work with leading brands to provide the latest cutting-edge technology across the industry, and our experts consult with you one-on-one to discuss your needs and provide custom installation.

Professional control knobs ensure precise control of the cooking surface.

State-of-the-art appliances fit for your exact kitchen space.

Restaurant Quality Range Hoods provide everything you need for a night of entertaining.

Custom Cabinetry allows you to get the finishes and storage upgrades you want to fit your lifestyle.

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Fulgor Milano Oven built for entertaining and for your exact kitchen space.


“ ”

I was awestruck by his customer service and the selection that Ed Kellum provides. Thank you! YOUR TEAM HELPED US EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.

-Kendra N. | Mesquite, TX

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At Starpower, we know that complete luxury is as much about what you don’t see as what you do. Our precision installation focuses on the smallest details, ensuring every aspect of your room is meticulously curated and organized. We have home theater experts that can take any small or large project and personally guide you through each and every choice. This includes a fully integrated consultation from conception, drawing, design, and completion to follow-up and maintenance care. Whether your style is contemporary or modern, traditional or rustic, or if you need one TV or a full video wall, our rooms tell a story and create a mood. Our on-staff team of skilled craftsmen will personally and professionally transform your vision into a multimedia work of art, helping you to select the precise equipment to satisfy your desires, your space, and your budget. When we are done, you will have an audio and visual experience like no other, fully equipped with top-of-the-line audio, video, and home electronics technology, integrated with custom-designed cabinetry, lighting mood controls, and quality seating — if you so choose. We’ll demonstrate and explain every small detail and how every tiny button works. Our knowledge and expertise extend beyond residential homes and into the world of commercial spaces. No matter the size or scope of your project, we will work with you to select the precise products and equipment to satisfy your desires, your space, and your budget.

We deliver high-class custom installation of luxury home and commercial entertainment, electronics, automation, and more.

Our certified in-house team takes care of everything from prewire and installation to your product education and servicing.


Scan the QR code to learn more about our custom leather seating.

IT STARTS WITH WHO YOU KNOW To create the best custom leather seating, you have to start with the best leather. Our relationship with tanneries spans continents and decades. We source our leather from Italy to Argentina, each location providing different textures and aesthetics for our clients to choose from and our artisans to work with. Having the finest quality selections is at the core of our made-to-order process. It’s what makes us different. It’s what makes us the best. It’s what makes us Starpower. While it begins with premium materials, the true test of our custom leather seating is in bringing your vision to life. From home theaters to your new favorite custom lounger and everything in between, you need furniture that suits your body and your lifestyle. Starting with visual decisions like the chair design and color down to exact measurements and foam selection, our specialists will work with you every step of the way, ensuring your final product is the epitome of luxury. Select from sofas, sectionals, love seats, and more. You dream it, and we will build it. Once you are completely satisfied with the design of your seating, our Dallas, Texas- based craftspeople will create just one of your chairs, giving you an opportunity to try it before the rest are made. Once your seating is ready, it will be delivered and expertly installed by our team, if you ever decide to move, we can return to transfer your seating to your new home. From beginning to end and beyond, Starpower custom leather seating is the perfect way to elevate your space.

Visit a showroom near you or star-power.com to schedule a quote.


MartinLogan Outdoor Rated Speakers are moisture- resistant so that you can confidently use them in your bathroom, kitchen, or covered porch.

Automated Shades are expertly suited for your space and evenings of entertaining.

Relax in comfort — Control Your Fan With a smart home Automation System from our experts.

85" Samsung Terrace Outdoor TV provides precision quality for any outdoor space.


Imagine stepping into your backyard, where nature blends seamlessly with cutting-edge technology, and relaxation meets innovation. With Starpower’s exquisite range of luxury electronics and appliances, you can turn your outdoor space into a haven of comfort and entertainment. Nature Meets Technology Our modern world perceives outdoor living much differently than we used to. It’s no longer just about lush gardens and comfortable seating; it’s about creating an experience. Starpower understands this evolving paradigm, and our luxury electronics and appliances are designed to seamlessly integrate with the beauty of nature. Whether it’s an outdoor home theater system that brings movies and sports to your garden or a state-of-the-art outdoor kitchen that lets you cook under the open sky, Starpower’s products redefine the concept of outdoor living. Picture a stunning Ultra HD TV mounted on your patio, accompanied by high-quality sound that makes every movie night under the stars an unforgettable event. Or consider a fully equipped outdoor kitchen with top-of-the-line grills, refrigerators, and wine coolers that make entertaining friends and family a breeze. All of this, all while enjoying the serenity of your own backyard.


An Outdoor Oasis, con’t

Unmatched Expertise and Customization What sets Starpower apart is not just our exceptional range of products but also our expertise in customization. Our experienced team collaborates with you to design and implement solutions tailored to your outdoor space. We consider your preferences, the layout of your yard, and your entertainment needs to create a personalized oasis. Whether you’re looking to host outdoor gatherings, enjoy cozy nights by the fire, or simply unwind in a serene environment, Starpower has the knowledge and the products to make it a reality. We are dedicated to seamless integration and superior design, ensuring that your outdoor oasis becomes an extension of your home that reflects your unique style and vision. Elevate Your Outdoor Living Experience With Starpower’s luxury electronics and appliances, you can take your outdoor living space to new heights. By investing in the latest technology and high-end appliances, you’re not just creating an outdoor oasis; you’re making memories, transforming the way you entertain, and enhancing your overall quality of life. Starpower’s luxury products bring the best of the indoor world outdoors, all while preserving the beauty of nature. So, if you’re ready to turn your backyard into an enchanting retreat, look no further than Starpower for the expertise and top-of-the-line products to make it happen.

Installation Experts like Leo undergo rigorous in-house training to stay up to date on all the latest technology and trends to ensure your installation is flawless. LEO P. | EXPERT SINCE 1995 STARPOWER Expert


with top-of-the-line appliances and home entertainment products that are built to last.” “IT’S A SEAMLESS EXPERIENCE

-Beth S.

Beth’s media room was due for an upgrade, and Starpower delivered. We worked our magic with custom leather theater seating and a ceiling- mounted Sony 4K projector, turning her media room into an entertainment paradise. But that’s not all—we also remodeled her kitchen with custom cabinetry, a Sub-Zero refrigerator, a Wolf range, and the ultimate family favorite: an in-wall Wolf coffee maker. About Beth Schurr has been a Starpower client for over 20 years. She especially loves the one- on-one customer service we provide and our A/V and appliance options. Why Starpower There are so many options when you go into their showroom. As a full-service company, Starpower brings all luxury home solutions together with incredible installation teams. It’s a seamless experience with top-of-the-line appliances and home entertainment products that are built to last. CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: Beth Schurr

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•  In-Wall Wolf Coffee Maker - Intuitive and customizable, it grinds the beans fresh and makes the perfect cup of coffee every time. •  Leather Seating - With custom power recline and cup holders, these seats make it feel like we’re going to the movies. •  75-inch Sony 4K TV - W e call this “Beth’s TV!” I love the huge size, crystal-clear picture and incredible brightness.

My favorites



Every year we host a series of exclusive events in our showrooms across the country to launch new products, support philanthropic organizations, and best of all, to celebrate our clients and members of the Starpower Club. All of our valued customers receive an invitation to these illustrious parties featuring surprise musical guests, early access to new products, and an evening of luxurious entertainment. One of our recent private events featured an exclusive look at LG’s new lineup of prototypes, projectors, OLED TVs, and 8K technology. In addition to this awe- inspiring technology and some truly delicious hors d’oeuvres, there was a surprise performance by musical icon, John Legend!

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We are a family-owned and operated business. We specialize in designing, building, and installing a wide array of luxury home solutions to enhance your home and your life — from the kitchen, to home theaters, and everything in between. Starpower was founded on the tradition of dedicated customer service. We are a part of the community, go to the same schools, give to local charities, and see you in the grocery store. We are here for you today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.

Visit a showroom near you, call us at 972-503-6005, or find us online at star-power.com to schedule a quote.


15340 DALLAS PKWY. DALLAS, TX 75248 972-503-6005


From the moment I stepped into the showroom, I was treated with respect and care. The Starpower team makes sure I get the most out of my home entertainment system.” - Carolyn V. | Grapevine, TX “STARPOWER GIVES ME PEACE OF MIND.

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