HCSO 2023 Annual Report


The Field Uniform Unit handles a wide range of law enforcement activities primarily in and around Henry County. The responsibilities include the service of judicial orders, emergency response, crime prevention, and community engagement. Deputies in the Field Uniform Unit receive training in crisis intervention techniques to handle situations involving mental health and emotionally charged incidents. Additionally, they collaborate with mental health professionals to ensure that appropriate care is provided to those in need. Field Uniform Deputies actively engage in crime prevention efforts, including community policing initiatives. They work closely with partner agencies to build positive relationships with community members, participate in neighborhood crime prevention programs, and address concerns raised by the residents of Henry County. FIELD UNIFORM UNIT


The Sex Offender Unit is a specialized unit that focuses on monitoring and managing individuals who have been convicted of sex offenses. The primary goal of this unit is to enhance public safety by tracking the whereabouts and activities of registered sex offenders, ensuring compliance with registration requirements, and providing relevant information to the community. The Unit routinely verifies the residents of all registered sex offenders as required by law. To raise awareness and promote community safety, the Sex Offender Unit provides notifications to the community about registered sex offenders in their area, risk assessments of the potential threat posed by certain sex offenders, investigations, and compliance checks. The unit also participates in public education campaigns to inform the community about the presence of sex offenders in their area. More importantly, the Sex Offender Unit works closely with victim advocacy organizations to provide support and resources to victims of sex offenses. The Property and Evidence Unit is a specialized unit that is responsible for the proper handling, storage, and documentation of all items seized, recovered, or turned in as evidence during criminal investigations. The primary focus of this unit is to maintain the integrity of evidence and property, ensuring that it is handled in accordance with legal standards and procedures. PROPERTY AND EVIDENCE


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