HCSO 2023 Annual Report



The SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) Team is a highly trained and specialized unit with the primary goal of responding to critical incidents that pose a significant threat to public safety. Our objectives revolve around providing a swift and decisive response to high-risk situations, ensuring the protection of lives, and resolving crises with minimal harm. The SWAT Team is equipped and trained to handle a variety of situations, including hostage rescues, barricaded suspects, and counter-terrorism operations. Our primary objective is to neutralize threats and resolve incidents in a manner that prioritizes the safety of both citizens and law enforcement officers. By staying at the forefront of evolving tactics and technologies, the team aims to maintain a high level of preparedness for any critical incident that may arise. The Henry County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team operates with a commitment to professionalism, discipline, and adherence to legal and ethical standards, ensuring that it serves as a valuable resource in protecting the community from serious threats. SWAT The Honor Guard Unit embodies the agency's commitment to honor, respect, and tradition. Our goals center around representing the Henry County Sheriff’s Office at ceremonial events, funerals, and public ceremonies with the highest standards of professionalism and dignity. The Honor Guard Unit is tasked with paying tribute to fallen comrades, law enforcement officers, and dignitaries. Through rigorous training and discipline, the Honor Guard Unit strives to maintain impeccable standards in drill and ceremony. Precision in the presentation of colors, flag folding, and other ceremonial duties is paramount, reflecting the seriousness and reverence required in such occasions. The Honor Guard Unit seeks to inspire respect, admiration, and a sense of gratitude for the dedication and sacrifice of those in uniform HONOR GUARD The Fleet Management Unit plays a crucial role in supporting Sheriff’s Office operations by managing and maintaining agency fleet vehicles. Our primary goal is to ensure the reliability, safety, and efficiency of the fleet. The Fleet Unit operates with a commitment to excellence, ensuring that Henry County Sheriff’s Office personnel have safe and reliable vehicles at their disposal to effectively serve and protect the community. FLEET MANAGEMENT


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