HCSO 2023 Annual Report

Explore the highlights and achievements of the Henry County Sheriff's 2023 Annual Report, showcasing dedication, progress, and community service in law enforcement.




I am honored to present the 2023 Henry County Sheriff’s Office Annual Report, offering a comprehensive review of the significant strides we've made in 2023. A year in which we proudly honored and celebrated the bicentennial (200) year anniversary of our esteemed institution. Over this timeframe, our dedicated staff has consistently raised levels of excellence, demonstrating unwavering commitment to the safety and connection we share with the people of Henry County. The annual report is a testament to the remarkable accomplishments achieved throughout the year. I am truly honored to lead such a dedicated and accomplished team. One of our core focuses has been on promotions and staffing developments, reflecting our commitment to building a strong and capable force. We have implemented organizational changes to enhance efficiency and responsiveness. Notably, improvements in our jail facilities have been a priority, with particular attention given to mental health services and furthering our Restorative Center program. I am especially proud of our continued dedication to our "Top Six" priorities, emphasizing multi-jurisdictional collaborations and the promotion of restorative justice. Our team has successfully touched upon every facet of the "Top Six" through extensive multi-year projects, efforts towards the attainment of national certifications and accreditations, and active involvement in numerous community events. As we continue to uphold our mission, I express my deepest gratitude to the entire Henry County Sheriff's Office team for their hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence. It remains my honor to serve the residents of Henry County, and I look forward to the continued success and progress that lies ahead. LETTER FROM THE SHERIFF

...our dedicated staff has consistently raised our levels of excellence, demonstrating unwavering commitment to the safety and connection we share with the people of Henry County.


Sheriff Reginald B. Scandrett Henry County Sheriff's Office


MISSION Our Mission is to employ twenty-first century law enforcement initiatives, while preserving our core values that elevate Sheriff’s Office operations through the performance of constitutional statutory mandates, while transparently serving our community to restore public trust. The Henry County Sheriff’s Office will raise their level of excellence and bridge the gap between law enforcement and the community, creating a united front. VISION






REDUCE RECIDIVISM Through our Restorative Center, the HCSO is actively reducing recidivism rates by offering GED classes and certification programs to detained individuals. In 2023, we celebrated the graduation of 193 participants, equipping them with valuable skills for post-incarceration employment opportunities. This aims to break the cycle of reoffending and promote successful reintegration into society. In 2023, the Henry County Sheriff's Office (HCSO) actively pursued and successfully implemented the top six priorities outlined by the Sheriff, achieving significant progress in each area. These priorities reflect the agency’s commitment to enhancing public safety and serving the community with diligence and dedication. SHERIFF’S TOP SIX PRIORITIES


MULTI-JURISDICTIONAL COLLABORATIONS In 2023, the HCSO collaborated with other law enforcement agencies on numerous criminal investigations, including a tragic mass shooting in Hampton, Georgia. The agency also supported efforts for new legislation related to officers injured in the line of duty. These collaborations amplify investigative efforts, raise public awareness, and facilitate seamless information exchange all in pursuit of shared community goals. Sheriff Reginald B. Scandrett and Team HCSO participated in over eighty (80) local events in Henry County and hosted eight (8) events including “Thanks for Giving” and “Shop with a Deputy” holiday event. These events required many staffing hours and garnered thousands of toys and monetary donations. This was made possible through partnerships with local businesses, organizations, and individuals. INDUCE RESTORATIVE JUSTICE With the official opening of the HCSO Restorative Center in March 2023, a robust model of restorative justice has been established by prioritizing the rehabilitation of offenders. Additionally, the HCSO has forged partnerships with esteemed educational institutions like Morehouse School of Medicine for the Pathway Forward program and collaborated with the Henry County Library System to address literacy gaps in the community. GARNER NATIONAL CERTIFICATIONS In its commitment to fostering a safe and secure jail environment for both staff and inmates, the HCSO diligently works to meet the stringent standards set by the American Correctional Association (ACA), the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA), and the National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC). In 2023, the HCSO continued efforts to achieve accreditation through comprehensive training, collecting and organizing documents, and rigorous review of policies and procedures. EMPOWER AND ENGAGE EMPLOYEES In 2023, the HCSO initiated the Emerging Leaders supervisory and development program to empower employees and encourage active participation in their own career development; especially for those actively pursuing promotions according to our rank structure. Our mentorship programs are geared toward keeping both employees and managers engaged.

Henry County Sheriff's Office Celebrating 200 Years 1823 - 2023




SHERIFF REGINALD B. SCANDRETT ................... 3 CHIEF DEPUTY ...................................................... 8 ORGANIZATIONAL CHART .................................. 9 HCSO LEADERSHIP.............................................. 10 COURT OPERATIONS ……………………………………... 22 JAIL OPERATIONS ……………………………………...….. 28 RESTORATIVE CENTER ……………………………..……. 37 FIELD AND SUPPORT OPERATIONS …………..…. 40 COMMUNITY RELATIONS ……………………....…….. 55 ADMINISTRATIVE OPERATIONS …………………... 60




A DAY OF TRAGEDY Henry County Grapples with Loss After Deadly Shooting


PUTTS FORE PURPOSE HCSO Honors Courage at the Corporal Daniel Podsiadly Golf Tournament


FROM TRAGEDY TO REFORM HCSO Honors Courage at the Corporal Daniel Podsiadly Golf Tournament








I am compelled to express my deepest gratitude and honor in serving at the pleasure of our Sheriff and alongside the exceptional officers and administration of the Henry County Sheriff's Office. Working day to day with our fine officers and staff has been an incredible privilege. Together, we have taken great pride in our commitment to Sheriff Reginald B. Scandrett's "Top Six" initiatives, guiding us in our mission to enhance public safety, and community well-being. Our commitment to operational excellence, has been a driving force behind our achievements. Leadership development remains a cornerstone of our success, ensuring that our officers are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their roles. Additionally, our focus on mental health services for inmates reflects our dedication to holistic rehabilitation within our correctional facilities. In closing, I want to express my sincere appreciation for the hard work and dedication demonstrated by each member of the Henry County Sheriff's Office. It has truly been an honor serving alongside such a remarkable team. Looking ahead, we will continue to uphold the values and standards that define our agency. Together, we will navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, always striving for excellence in the service of our community.

... we have taken great pride in our commitment to Sheriff Reginald B. Scandrett's "Top Six" initiatives, guiding us in our mission to enhance public safety and community well-being.

It has been an honor serving, and I look forward to the continued success of the Henry County Sheriff's Office.


Michael Yarbrough

Chief Deputy Michael Yarbrough Henry County Sheriff's Office









Chaplain Services

Medical and Mental Health Coordinator

Open Records


Human Resources

Communications Unit

Technology Services

Community Relations







Training, Background & Recruiting

Judicial Center




Restorative Center

Superior Court

Internal Affairs


Probate Court

Fugitives/ Warrants



Colonel Field and Support Operations ANTONIO CATLIN

Colonel Jail Operations TINA DANIEL

Colonel Court Operations RUTH STRINGER


Major Field and Support Operations DAVID CODY

Major Field and Support Operations JERRY HARRISON

Major Jail Operations NATASHA POWELL

Captain Court Operations COURTNEY HEAD

Captain Field and Support Operations ALBERT JOHNSON

Captain Field and Support Operations MARC JOHNSON


Captain Jail Operations KEVIN CROSBY

Captain Jail Operations JANICE LOVE

Captain Jail Operations EDWARD TANNER



Executive Assistant to the Sheriff SHERON WILLIAMS

Director of Finance LAMARION HUGHEY

Director of Communications and Special Programs TAMARLON T. CARTER


Director of Community Relations SHAQUILLE O’NEAL

Medical and Mental Health Coordinator DR. WILLIAM BRICKHOUSE

Director of Accreditation ANTONIO WEBB

Director of Legal Affairs CHANDRA BROWN

Community Relations Manager CHRIS PRATHER

Telecom Manager MONICA LOWE

Technology Services Manager NARTRISH LANCE


Finance Manager SARAH HAYES

Bonding Administrator STEPHANIE CARNELL

Executive Assistant to the Chief Deputy SHARON MITCHELL



Law enforcement agencies and organizations face a rapidly changing environment in their commitment to provide the highest levels of response and proactive strategies to address public safety in our communities. Agencies continue to test, evaluate and apply various technologies, equipment, and resources to improve outcomes. A robust aerial support system, including helicopters and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) or drones, support law enforcement agencies in a variety of ways, which continue to evolve. The Henry County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO), led by newly elected Sheriff Reginald B. Scandrett in 2021, set a course to develop a helicopter unit where one had never existed. To say this call to action was daunting would be an understatement. The agency did not have a helicopter, funding was a challenge, and we did not have one very important component, a pilot! The HCSO team began working on a path to attain a helicopter and fully develop its aerial support unit. We did not have to look far to identify the pilot candidate, Sergeant Cameron Conner, one of our own since 2014. Sergeant Conner was already a fixed-wing, private pilot with a passion for flying and particularly driven to attain his rotorcraft rating (helicopter pilot license). Therefore, the team began discussions and identified a strategy for success.




Supported efforts to locate and rescue occupants of a crashed aircraft near the Henry and Clayton Responded to three incidents involving critical missing children, facilitating their safe reunification with their families. Added two new Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) pilots who attained their UAS license.

Chief Deputy Michael Yarbrough

The HCSO has successfully moved the aerial support program forward. Throughout 2023, Sergeant Conner attained his private helicopter rating, his commercial helicopter rating, and began to train to be a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI). Each of these accomplishments are major milestones, individually, but to accomplish so much in one year is outstanding. Furthermore, the HCSO added two new Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) pilots who attained their UAS license. Additionally, with increased capabilities, our UAS pilots and helicopter pilot team within the Aviation Unit, assisted in several search incidents for critical missing persons, fleeing suspects, supported multiple law enforcement agencies, and at community events. We are excited to continue developing and improving this vital program to serve the community of Henry County and support regional needs. As successful a year that 2023 was for the Aviation Unit, the HCSO looks forward to even more progress in 2024 and beyond!

County line in October 2023.

Provided real-time intelligence during a vehicle pursuit with the Henry County Police Department, leading to the safe apprehension of a drug suspect, wanted for multiple criminal warrants.



On July 15, 2023, tragedy struck Henry County, shaking its communities to the core with a devastating act of violence. It was a day that shattered the tranquility of a community, leaving scars that will endure for years to come. On that fateful morning, a peaceful Hampton, Georgia neighborhood was rocked by gunfire as a lone gunman, identified as 40-year-old Andre Longmore, claimed the lives of four innocent individuals. Among the victims were Hampton residents Scott and Shirley Leavitt, Steve Blizzard, and Ron Jeffers. In the aftermath of the tragedy, law enforcement agencies launched a massive manhunt to apprehend the suspected perpetrator responsible for the heinous act. The pursuit spanned hours into the following day, with authorities tirelessly combing through the county in search of Longmore, who had fled the scene. As part of their efforts, the Henry County Sheriff's Office offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and/or capture of Andre Longmore, underscoring the urgency and gravity of the situation.

The pursuit led Henry County Sheriff’s Office deputies to Clayton County, where Longmore was eventually located at a residence in Morrow. What followed was a harrowing standoff, as deputies and officers engaged the suspect in an exchange of gunfire. Longmore shot one Henry County deputy, Corporal Daniel Podsiadly, as well as two Clayton County Police officers. Corporal Podsiadly sustained life-threatening injuries. Subsequently, the standoff resulted in Longmore's death, bringing an end to the ordeal that had gripped the region in fear. The events of that tragic weekend left a community reeling in shock and mourning the loss of beloved neighbors and friends. Indeed, the ripple effects of the violence would echo far beyond the confines of Henry County. This day of tragedy left an indelible mark on the fabric of the community that seeks to heal from the scars of this senseless violence. The resilience and unity of its members serve as a beacon of hope in the face of adversity.

“The citizens of Hampton, the county of Henry, the metro Atlanta area and the entire state of Georgia can breathe a little easier.” Sheriff Reginald B. Scandrett


Putts Fore Purpose HCSO Honors Courage at the ‘Corporal Daniel Podsiadly Golf Tournament’ and Raises $20,000 for Wounded Officer

Sheriff Reginald B. Scandrett welcomed players and guests to the Corporal Daniel Podsiadly Charity Golf Tournament held at Crystal Lake Golf & Country Club in Hampton, Georgia on November 13, 2023. This momentous event dedicated to supporting Corporal Daniel Podsiadly , who was wounded in the line of duty during the Hampton mass shooting in July 2023. The tournament raised awareness about the challenges faced by law enforcement officers injured in the line of duty and underscored the pressing need for legislative considerations to better support these heroes. Corporal Daniel Podsiadly, a dedicated member of the Henry County Sheriff’s Office, was honored with the Henry County Sheriff’s Office Combat Cross Award alongside the prestigious Wounded in Action (Purple Heart) Award. His courageous actions in pursuit of alleged assailant Andre Longmore epitomized the unwavering commitment and sacrifice exhibited by law enforcement officers every day. The highlight of the event was the presentation of a $20,000 check by the Henry County Sheriff's Office, in conjunction with the HCSO Foundation, to Corporal Daniel Podsiadly and his family. This generous contribution, made possible by tournament participants, sponsors, and individual donors, was aimed to alleviate the financial burdens the Podsiadly family faced during this time.


Sheriff Scandrett, joined by Clayton County Sheriff Levon Allen and Clayton County Police Chief Kevin Roberts , took the opportunity to recognize and honor other law enforcement personnel for their outstanding service and valor. Among the distinguished awardees were: Henry County Detention Officer Martha Burnett , honored with the Outstanding Service Award for making the crucial call that alerted officers to the location where the wanted person was last seen. Clayton County Police Officers Michael Rupert and Walter Pounds were recognized for their v alor and unwavering service. Clayton County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Albert Davis was honored for his valor and unwavering service, and he was presented with the Henry County Sheriff’s Office Life Saving Medal for his courageous act of carrying Corporal Daniel Podsiadly to safety after he was shot by the assailant.

“In times of need, it's not only our duty but our honor to take care of our own.” - Sheriff Reginald B. Scandrett

The tournament also served as a platform to acknowledge and express gratitude to several sponsors whose unwavering support and commitment have been instrumental in aiding law enforcement officers and their families. Christian’s Touch, Gold Shield, and Team Blue Line were recognized as non-profit organizations dedicated to offering comprehensive support to first responders. These organizations embody the spirit of unity and solidarity that defines our law enforcement community. In the words of Sheriff Scandrett, "In times of need, it's not only our duty but our honor to take care of our own. We stand steadfast, ensuring our officers know we not only have their back, but their spine. Let us never forget those who've given their all to safeguard our communities."


In a resounding display of solidarity, law enforcement officials and legislators in Georgia have joined forces to address a pressing issue affecting officers injured in the line of duty. Spearheaded by Henry County Sheriff Reginald B. Scandrett, a coalition of metropolitan Sheriffs and Police Chiefs gathered for a pivotal press conference on Monday, November 6, 2023, at the Henry County Jail. The purpose was to advocate for legislative reforms aimed at alleviating the financial burdens faced by law enforcement officers injured while serving their communities, and shedding light on the inadequacies of Georgia's Workers’ Compensation plan. The current system, which covers only two-thirds of an employee's salary, has left law enforcement officers grappling with significant financial setbacks during their recovery. This stark reality underscores the urgent need for legislative action to provide comprehensive support for injured officers and their families. At the heart of this initiative lies the harrowing experience of Corporal Daniel Podsiadly. REFORM Georgia Legislators Propose Sweeping Changes to Aid Injured Law Enforcement Officers

Enter State Senators Emanuel Jones (D) and Brian Strickland (R), who unveiled a groundbreaking bill designed to address the profound disparities faced by injured law enforcement officers. Prompted by Sheriff Scandrett’s advocacy, the proposed legislation seeks to overhaul the compensation process for officers enduring catastrophic injuries in the line of duty. The bipartisan bill proposes vital revisions to ensure that injured officers receive the financial support they deserve. The bill advocates for the utilization of a state indemnification fund to cover the shortfall in compensation, guaranteeing that injured officers can maintain their standard of living throughout their recovery process. The bipartisan nature of this endeavor underscores a shared commitment to prioritize the well-being of Georgia's law enforcement community, transcending political divisions in pursuit of a common goal. As Senators Jones and Strickland express optimism about the bill's passage, they intend to dedicate it in honor of Corporal Podsiadly — a testament to the unwavering spirit of Georgia's law enforcement officers.



Sheriff Reginald B. Scandrett has been instrumental in promoting the well-being of employees at the Henry County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO). In early 2023, the HCSO partnered with RocFitness (Atlanta), LLC to further these efforts. This collaboration builds upon the existing state- of-the-art fitness center and the Hero’s Café, which already provide employees with opportunities for exercise and healthy meals. Roc Shabazz, the owner of RocFitness in Atlanta, Georgia, brings extensive expertise to the table. A former professional bodybuilder and certified fitness coach, Shabazz's studio specializes in high-intensity training within a group setting, complemented by tailored nutrition plans and supplement guidance.

The “SO FIT” physical wellness program aims to achieve several goals:

STRESS RELIEF : By engaging in physical activities, employees can alleviate stress. IMPROVED CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH : Regular workouts contribute to better heart health. INCREASED ENERGY : Physical fitness enhances overall vitality. ENHANCED EMPLOYEE PRODUCTIVITY : A healthier workforce tends to be more productive. IMPROVED WORK PERFORMANCE : Fitness positively impacts job performance. Through this program, employees receive personalized fitness assessments and set individual goals. The HCSO members participate in instructor-led workouts, fostering team spirit and equipping them with valuable tools for lifelong fitness.



The HCSO team continued to pursue the leadership development vision in 2023. Although, we improved and updated the application and selection process for rank promotions in 2021, Sheriff Scandrett implemented the new rank and leadership promotional process in 2023. Selection criteria, testing and evaluation components, structured board interviews and practical, scenario-based assessments were implemented. Furthermore, candidates participated in interviews with Sheriff Scandrett and Chief Deputy M.P. Yarbrough prior to final selection that included the executive staff. OF NEW LEADERS. WE CONGRATULATE THEIR ACCOMPLISHMENTS THUS FAR AND LOOK FORWARD TO ADDING TO THEIR NUMBER IN THE NEAR FUTURE!” “AS THE HCSO REACHES INTO 2024 AND BEYOND, WE ARE EXCITED FOR THE PROGRESSION OF THE CLASS

Cultivating and enhancing law enforcement leadership, both for the present and the future, remains a goal that organizations continually strive to enhance and excel in. The Henry County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) has taken this call to excellence straight from Sheriff Reginald B. Scandrett’s “Top Six” priorities, specifically “Empower and Engage Employees,” while these leaders help ensure the HCSO succeeds in all priorities. The vision was cast in 2021, when Sheriff Scandrett made leadership development a top priority. Over the next three years, the vision became practical training, educational courses and guest leadership speakers for the members of the HCSO. From nationally recognized and regional instructors and presenters to our own Sheriff and staff, training was targeted to prepare our leaders for current and emerging law enforcement trends and issues. Topics included foundational supervision, management and leadership principles, and included special courses: Leadership with Sheriff Scandrett, Leading through Compassion- Regarding Mental Health, Leadership Issues for Managers, Empowerment Leadership , and many others.

The New Emerging Leaders Program was developed and began in 2023 to train, educate, develop and mentor our new promotees into the leaders to serve in the moment and to take the agency forward in service to Henry County. The program’s mainstay is a monthly course developed and taught by Chief Yarbrough. The emerging leaders participate in a curriculum that includes organizational culture, communication, conflict resolution and problem solving, briefing strategies and others. All participants complete a daily leader’s journal, assigned professional reading, and are assigned to a mentor-supervisor training leader. The mentor-supervisor training leader component includes a new supervisor checklist to guide each through the initial development and training stages, ensuring our supervisors are provided consistent training. Lastly, our Training Unit Commander, Captain Marc Johnson, provides guidance, training and coordination throughout each new leader’s training term. As the HCSO reaches into 2024 and beyond, we are excited for the progression of the class of new leaders. We congratulate their accomplishments thus far and look forward to adding to their number in the near future!



There’s no question Henry County has grown over the years. As a result, the HCSO Court Operations has invested in technology and recruited a highly trained and dedicated team of law enforcement professionals to keep up with the trend. We challenge ourselves to perform our duties in the most effective and efficient ways possible. As we move forward into 2024, we know that maintaining the respect of the public we serve is something that we must do every day and with every single interaction. Building positive relationships with the judges, citizens, courthouse employees and our fellow law enforcement officers is the key to our success. We are dedicated to sharpening our professional skill set and conducting ourselves in a manner that is respectful of the trust that has been placed upon us. I really appreciate the support we receive from the local community, judges, and Courthouse occupants. Rest assured that the HCSO Court Operations team will continue to provide a safe environment and maintain the high levels of security necessary to conduct peaceful transactions at the Henry County Courthouses.

Highest Regards, Ruth M. Stringer Colonel Ruth M. Stringer Court Commander

COURT OPERATIONS The Georgia Constitution mandates that all county Sheriffs provide security for the courthouse to protect the judges, jurors, witnesses and others who visit or work at the facilities. Henry County Sheriff’s Deputies are charged with the responsibility of maintaining the integrity of the judicial process by ensuring a safe and secure environment in and around the courthouses.

To meet these responsibilities, Court Operations deploys trained sworn deputies and bailiffs to points of entry, screening security stations, courtrooms and security details at the three facilities. COURT COMMAND STAFF





TOTAL VISITORS The collective number of individuals who visited state, probate and/or superior courts, including litigants, attorneys, spectators, and other participants.

2023: 277,540 2022: 241,099 2021: 145,000

INMATE TRANSPORTS The total count of instances in which incarcerated individuals are transferred or moved from one location to another, typically between Henry County Jail facilities, courts, or other relevant destinations.

2023: 6,382 2022: 2,085 2021: 129*

PRINT, BOOK & RELEASE The cumulative count of individuals processed, wherein they are fingerprinted, booked, and subsequently released based on court orders or other legal determinations. *The data provided for the year 2021 reflects lower counts attributable to the COVID-19 pandemic. Delays for in-person court proceedings, extending until late 2021, had a notable impact on transport counts. It is important to acknowledge this context when analyzing the data, as the figures may not align with typical trends.

2023: 367 2022: 460 2021: 496



ARRESTS/RELEASES The overall count of individuals who have been apprehended and subsequently either released or brought before a court for legal proceedings.

2023: 218 2022: 126

ARRESTS/DETAINED The overall count of individuals who have been apprehended by law enforcement and are being held in custody for legal proceedings before a court. Please note that the Henry County courts were largely closed throughout 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, consequently limiting available data during that period

2023: 481 2022: 462

TOTAL (COURT) ARRESTS The collective count of individuals who have been apprehended by law enforcement and are scheduled to appear in court for legal proceedings. Please note that the Henry County courts were largely closed throughout 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, consequently limiting available data during that period

2023: 1,066 2022: 1,048 2021: 496


Bailiff Joe Durrance Honored with Solicitor General Award for Exceptional Service HIGHLIGHTS HENRY Notable Highlights in 2023 for Henry County Sheriff's Office Court Operations

On October 6, 2023, the Henry County Sheriff's Office hosted a collaborative security committee meeting within the Henry County court system, assembling key stakeholders to address the safety of the courthouses. Judges from State, Superior, Magistrate, Probate, and Juvenile Courts were joined by representatives from the Clerk of Superior Court’s Office, the District Attorney's Office, and the Clerk of State Court’s Office. The meeting focused on internal and external security needs while maintaining compliance with safety regulations. Discussions encompassed various crucial topics including Standard Operating Procedures, Emergency Protocols, Continuity of Operations, Communications Protocols, Equipment Testing, and Employee Training. Emphasizing the significance of meticulous planning and sustained collaborative efforts, the meeting underscored the commitment of all stakeholders to ensure the security of the Henry County Courthouses.

Bailiff Joe Durrance of the Henry County Sheriff's Office was honored by State Court Solicitor General Pamela M. Bettis and Judge Lotti for his outstanding performance in a challenging five-day Vehicular Homicide trial in 2023. Durrance's proactive efforts in organizing the jury deliberation room and managing 116 exhibits, including large crash scene diagrams, demonstrated his dedication and foresight. Solicitor Bettis commended Durrance for going above and beyond during the trial, emphasizing his professionalism and commitment stating, "My staff and I are very thankful for Joe and his service to our citizens, litigants, and our judicial staff." Durrance's recognition highlights the vital contributions of court personnel in maintaining justice.

The HCSO Court Officers Embrace Resiliency Training for Enhanced Well-being and Performance

HCSO court officers participated in the 2023 Resiliency Training, facilitated by the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council. The training emphasized the importance of developing resilience skills for positive outcomes, including stronger work performance and enhanced overall health. With a focus on adaptability, the training aimed to make participants more resilient to change or unplanned events. Additionally, the program emphasized the improvement of interpersonal and intrapersonal communication, fostering healthier teams both at work and within the community they serve. The Henry County Sheriff's Office is committed to the well-being and professional development of its court officers through initiatives like resiliency training.


CHAPLAIN SERVICES Fostering Support, Faith, and Community Well-being

Henry County Sheriff's Office Chaplain Services Unit, under the leadership of Director TaMarlon T. Carter , continues its vital mission of providing guidance, consultation, and emotional support to HCSO employees and inmates. Embracing a diverse range of beliefs and practices, the unit ensures that all individuals receive the support they need regardless of faith or denomination. In 2023, Chaplain Services coordinated "Grits and Grace," held as part of National Faith in Blue Weekend, an initiative aimed at fostering collaboration and understanding between law enforcement professionals and the faith-based communities they serve. The panel discussion brought together influential community figures to discuss contemporary challenges through the lenses of education, religion, law enforcement, and civil/human rights.

Throughout 2023, the Chaplain Services Unit provided comprehensive employee care services, including family support, prayer, and guidance during difficult times such as the incident involving wounded deputy, Corporal Daniel Podsiadly. Chaplain services provides inmates with structured religious services and activities while detained. The Chaplaincy Services Unit conducted 103 religious services in 2023, fostering spiritual growth and support within the HCSO community. As we move forward, we remain dedicated to serving the needs of our employees and inmates with compassion and respect.


2023 was a transitional year for Jail Operations as we shifted from a pandemic to what is now considered our new normal. Operationally, the number of inmates and services increased; however, our staff worked diligently to ensure operational standards remained seamlessly in place. This goal was achieved while maintaining the highest degree of professionalism, with a strong emphasis on creating a safe and secure environment for our staff, vendors, and inmates. The dedicated men and women assigned to Jail Operations oversaw an average of over 900 inmates daily and received specialized training during 2023. This training included Mental Health Security Management Protocols, an Enhanced Classification System for mental health inmates, and how to better recognize inmates experiencing a mental health crisis. Additionally, we are proud to have promoted the very first detention Lieutenants. This newly created position is a gateway to providing a new career path for non- sworn detention officers. Previously, only sworn personnel were afforded the opportunity to become a lieutenant assigned to Jail Operations. I am humbled and honored to be able to serve the citizens of Henry County as the Henry County Sheriff’s Office Jail Operations Commander. The Jail Operations team looks forward to a new year full of successes, exciting possibilities, and the opportunity to serve. JAIL OPERATIONS

Respectfully, Tina Daniel Colonel Tina Daniel Jail Commander

JAIL OPERATIONS The Henry County Jail operates as a pre-trial detention facility, accommodating detainees in compliance with state laws and ensuring a secure environment for both detainees and staff. With a daily average of over 900 inmates across two facilities, the Jail serves approximately 2,700 meals daily and provides medical, mental health, and dental services to its inmates.



Assistant Jail Commander MAJOR NATASHA POWELL


Support Services KEVIN CROSBY

Evening Watch JANICE LOVE



AVERAGE DAILY POPULATION (ADP) The Average Daily Population (ADP) for the Henry County Jail is the average number of inmates housed in the facility on a daily basis over the course of a year, serving as a vital metric for assessing operational demands and facilitating resource planning.

2023: 906 2022: 851

NEW INTAKES & RELEASES The total count of individuals admitted to and released from the facility over the course of a year.

INTAKE PROCESSED 2023: 9,125 2022: 8,349 2021: 6,315

RELEASES PROCESSED 2023: 9,106 2022: 8,200 2021: 6,113

BONDS WRITTEN The total number of bonds processed to secure the release of inmates within the year.

2023: 4,673 2022: 3,277 2021: 3,231



INMATE MENTAL HEALTH PATIENTS The total number of contacts for individuals within the inmate population receiving mental health care and support services throughout the year.

2023: 3,092 2022: 515*

*The data presented for the year 2022 represents four months of data only. Prior to this time, data capture was not initiated or available. Caution should be exercised when drawing conclusions based on the limited dataset available.

EMERGENCY MEDICAL TRANSPORTS Instances where inmates were transported by Jail Operations to medical facilities for emergency healthcare services.

2023: 247 2022: 112 2021: 192

INMATE SERVICES: MEALS SERVED The total count of meals provided to incarcerated individuals throughout the year based on the average daily population (ADP).

2023: 992,070 2022: 823,664


The total volume of incoming and outgoing mail, along with inmate requests handled by the facility throughout the year.

MAIL 2023: 12,521 2022: 6,445

REQUESTS 2023: 50,088 2022: 11,434


CELEBRATING WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP AT THE HENRY COUNTY JAIL A Testament to Progress and Diversity in Law Enforcement In a dedicated effort towards fostering inclusivity and diversity, Henry County Jail proudly acknowledges the exceptional women who occupy key leadership and supervisory roles, steering the agency towards a future defined by equality and progress. Led by Jail Commander Colonel Tina Daniel and Assistant Jail Commander Major Natasha Powell , both accomplished women with extensive experience in law enforcement, the Jail Operations team stands as a testament to the commitment of the agency in embracing diversity. These women, entrusted with critical responsibilities, are instrumental in maintaining order and safety within the jail.

The roster of women includes newly promoted Captain Janice Love , Lieutenants Felicia Barner and Cinnamon Kizer-Hudson . These women bring extensive experience and expertise, fostering a work environment characterized by positivity and progress.



Diversity in law enforcement is not just a goal, it's a necessity. The unique perspectives and skills that women bring to the table enhance the overall effectiveness and inclusivity of our operations. -Col. Tina Daniel, HCSO Jail Commander

The supervisory team which includes Sergeants Takeita Bell, Kiara Gross, Shaneka Boleware, Sheewana Davis, Ebony Boswell, Krista Holland, Dyshema Crudup, and Monee’ Jones , plays a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless functioning of operations within the Henry County Jail. Colonel Tina Daniel emphasizes the significance of women in leadership, stating, "Diversity in law enforcement is not just a goal, it's a necessity. The unique perspectives and skills that women bring to the table enhance the overall effectiveness and inclusivity of our operations." The inclusion of women in leadership positions not only symbolizes progress but also serves as a powerful testament to the evolving landscape of law enforcement. The Henry County Sheriff's Office remains unwavering in its commitment to nurturing an environment that values and promotes diversity, ensuring equal opportunities for growth and leadership for all individuals, regardless of gender. As the women of Henry County Jail continue to excel in their roles, their achievements serve as an inspiration, reinforcing the significance of breaking gender barriers and promoting equality within law enforcement agencies.


Proactive Operation Yields Success: HCSO Collaborates with Surrounding Agencies to Combat Jail Contraband HIGHLIGHTS HENRY Notable Highlights in 2023 for HCSO Jail Operations

In a proactive move to enhance the safety and security of the Henry County Jail, a comprehensive mass cell search was conducted on March 6, 2023. This operation, aimed at reducing the presence of contraband within the facility, which includes banned items such as weapons, explosives, drugs, shanks, and other prohibited materials. Contraband poses a significant threat to the well-being of those within detention facilities. The coordinated effort underscored the commitment of the Sheriff to ensure the safety of staff, vendors, and the inmate population. The Henry County Jail spearheaded a multi- jurisdictional effort, enlisting support from neighboring agencies. The collaborative operation was made possible through the joint efforts of the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office, Spalding County Sheriff’s Office, Fulton County Sheriff’s Office, and Butts County Sheriff’s Office. The successful collaboration with neighboring counties showcased the effectiveness of a united front against contraband within correctional facilities. With the completion of a successful operation, the Henry County Jail looks forward to fostering continued partnerships with external jurisdictions. This collaborative approach reinforces the determination of law enforcement agencies to maintain the highest standards of safety and security within detention facilities.



Henry County Jail Partners with Stepping Up Initiative to Address Mental Health and Substance Abuse Challenges

Marking a significant leap forward in addressing mental health and substance abuse challenges within the criminal justice system, Henry County Jail staff partnered with stakeholders in 2023 to establish the Henry County Stepping Up Initiative. This national, data-driven framework is designed to reduce the number of individuals with mental health illnesses and substance abuse issues in jail. Key stakeholders convened at the Stepping Up Initiative and Henry County Commissioners meeting, where individuals committed to redefining how the criminal justice system responds to individuals with mental health and substance abuse challenges.

Among prominent figures leading discussions was Judge Brian J. Amero, who passionately advocated for a shift in focus towards community-based solutions for mental health inmates. The discussions centered on the potential for diversion or pre-release programs as viable alternatives while awaiting legal disposition, and shed light on alternative approaches to handling individuals with mental health challenges within the justice system. The Stepping Up Initiative represents a commitment to prioritize mental health and substance abuse treatment over incarceration, aligning with a broader national effort to address these issues at the community level. This collaboration signifies a shared commitment to creating a more compassionate and effective criminal justice system, one that prioritizes rehabilitation and support for individuals facing mental health and substance abuse issues. Henry County Government Partners with HCSO to Invest $1.7 Million in Air Handler Improvement Project, Enhancing Air Circulation and Filtration throughout the Jail

In a commitment to enhancing the air circulation and overall well- being of jail staff and inmates, the Henry County Jail completed its Air Handler Improvement Project in 2023. With an investment of $1.7 million, made possible by the Henry County Government, the project focuses on optimizing air circulation and filtration within the detention facility. Aimed at improving the quality of indoor air and fostering a healthier environment for both staff and inmates, this comprehensive upgrade ensures the air handling systems within the jail meet the industry standards of efficiency and effectiveness. The implementation of state-of-the-art technology has significantly improved the overall air circulation throughout the facility, ensuring the air quality meets or exceeds industry standards, promoting the health and well-being of both inmates and staff. The successful completion of the Air Handler Improvement Project stands as a testament to the jail’s commitment to innovation and the continual improvement of its facilities.



Sheriff Reginald B. Scandrett envisioned a dedicated housing unit for mental health inmates within the jail. This led to the establishment of a specialized unit designed to ensure the safety and comprehensive care of acute mental health inmates. Operationalized in April 2023, the unit signifies a significant advancement in discharge planning and access to community-based services for mental health inmates.

At the forefront of its mission, the Henry County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) has prioritized mental health as a cornerstone of its institutional framework. Recognizing the critical need for comprehensive mental health care within correctional facilities, HCSO has embarked on a transformative journey to establish and prioritize mental health initiatives. Through systematic evaluation and adherence to established standards, HCSO strives to ensure equitable access to mental health services for all inmates under its care. Central to this endeavor is Dr. William Brickhouse , our in-house expert in correctional mental health care, whose expertise has been instrumental in shaping the HCSO's innovative approach to inmate well-being. MENTAL HEALTH The HCSO's Commitment to Transformative Care for Inmates A FOCUS ON


Beyond its internal initiatives, HCSO actively engaged in collaborative partnerships and community outreach efforts to enhance mental health support. Through initiatives like the Stepping Up Initiative and engagement with judicial and legislative leadership, HCSO seeks to streamline diversion and pre-release programs for mental health inmates, fostering a holistic approach to care.


Recognizing the importance of ongoing education, HCSO prioritizes training and development for its personnel. Suicide prevention training materials are integrated into new hire orientations, while participation in conferences and workshops underscores the HCSO's commitment to fostering a culture of mental health awareness and support.



Under Dr. Brickhouse's guidance, HCSO has prioritized the establishment of comprehensive mental health programs aimed at addressing the diverse needs of incarcerated individuals. One significant milestone is the implementation of a Process Study to monitor the tracking system for inmates scheduled for evaluation. This proactive measure ensures compliance with National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC) Standards for Access to Care, reinforcing the HCSO's commitment to equitable mental health service delivery.

As HCSO continues its mission to prioritize mental health care, it remains committed to advancing innovative solutions and fostering a culture of compassion and support within its facilities. Through the collective efforts of dedicated professionals like Dr. Brickhouse and staff, HCSO is paving the way for transformative change in correctional mental health care.



The HCSO Restorative Center experienced a year of remarkable impact and success in 2023, and I am immensely proud of the incredible accomplishments achieved by our team. Proudly opened in March 2023, the Restorative Center stands as a direct result of one of the Sheriff's "Top Six" priorities: Reducing Recidivism. Throughout the year, we forged invaluable partnerships with esteemed organizations, collaborating on a variety of Restorative Center programs. The Restorative Center celebrated four graduations in 2023, with a total of 193 graduates across our various programs, including Pathway Forward, Furthering Fatherhood, Virtuous Women Life Academy, and GED initiatives. In addition to these achievements, we initiated a new partnership with the Henry County Library System, launching the "Building Bridges Through Literacy" program. This partnership underscores our commitment to innovative approaches in reducing recidivism and empowering individuals to build brighter futures. As we look ahead to 2024, I am filled with anticipation for the incredible opportunities and successes that lie ahead. We will continue to explore innovative strategies, forge meaningful partnerships, and empower individuals to thrive beyond the confines of incarceration. Thank you to all our partners, supporters, and dedicated staff for their firm commitment to the mission of the Restorative Center. With your continued support, we will chart a course of transformative progress and fulfillment in the years ahead.

TaMarlon T. Carter

TaMarlon T. Carter Director of Communicatons and Special Programs Henry County Sheriff’s Office


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