Ballard ESG Report 2019


Governance and Ethics at Ballard

Code of Conduct

Ethics and Our Supply Chain We ensure that we procure products and services through suppliers that share our core values. All suppliers must comply with our statement of Supplier Conduct Principles. This document lays out our supplier requirements in health and safety, respect and dignity, forced or involuntary labour, child labour, hours of work and wages/benefits, non-discrimination, freedom of association, environmental protection, anti-corruption, business ethics, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. We consider these principles in the supplier selection process, and ask suppliers to submit a declaration of compliance on an annual basis. Our statement of Supplier Conduct Principles is available on our website: about-ballard/suppliers . Political Contributions Ballard does not make financial contributions to political causes. We may engage in lobbying activities to provide policymakers with data and insights to inform their decision-making regarding a sustainable clean energy sector and fuel cell business. Any lobbying activities must be conducted based on our corporate values of transparency, honesty, integrity and are conducted within the laws or guidelines of the relevant jurisdiction.

Ballard is committed to integrity and strong corporate governance, which prioritizes transparency, accountability, ethical conduct and respect in the workplace. Everyone—directors, officers and employees—is required to adhere to our corporate Code of Conduct, and to confirm their understanding and acceptance of the code annually.

The Code of Conduct is available on our website: .

Whistleblower Policy

Our whistleblower policy allows employees to anonymously and confidentially report any concerns, and we encourage employees to report any situation that appears to involve a breach of the company’s ethical or legal obligations. We also encourage those outside our company to report any concerns. To enable anonymous and confidential reports, we maintain a reporting website and toll-free phone numbers, through a third-party vendor. Ethics and Anti-Corruption Ethical conduct is expected of every Ballard board member, executive, employee and contractor. We have zero tolerance for corrupt activities of any kind, whether committed by employees or anyone acting on the company’s behalf. All our employees and business partners must adhere at all times to our Anti-Corruption Policy and ethical, transparent business practices. Through our anti-bribery and corruption program, employees receive training in our policy and its operation.


Ballard Power Systems

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