Ballard ESG Report 2019


Our Environmental Commitments

Through 2020 and beyond we are committed to:

• improving our understanding of the climate impacts of our products and operations

• reducing our corporate and product carbon footprints

• reducing our waste and energy consumption

Learn more by downloading our brochure: Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles for a Sustainable Future view/165111/

• responsible production

Minimize Waste in Our Manufacturing

Our manufacturing practices are designed with sustainability as a core principle. We source our materials with care, and we apply the 3Rs, Reduce, Re-use and Recycle, to keep as much waste as possible from entering the landfill. Our proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells are:

• Made from ethically sourced materials

• Made without any hazardous, banned or toxic substances

• Manufactured in a sustainable manner, considering factors such as energy efficiency and ethical labour

• Packaged as minimally as possible, using environmentally friendly materials

• Built for a long service life – our current generation of products are designed to exceed 30,000 hours of operation

• Refurbished and recycled at the end of life: to minimize waste, we rebuild and refurbish fuel cells to recover valuable precious metals


Ballard Power Systems

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