2022 Sustainability Report: Empire State Realty Trust








Tenant Engagement

Our tenants are critical to the success of our sustainability program, policy implementation, asset performance, and sustainability strategies throughout our portfolio. Tenants’ energy and water consumption, waste production, and related behaviors have a significant impact on the building’s overall performance and our sustainability goals. We proactively engage with our tenants to align with our ESG objectives and provide them with assistance to measure, report, and achieve their ESG goals. We assist tenants in their sustainability journey through collaboration and exchange of ESG data, actionable recommendations for reductions, IEQ assistance, waste management, ROI-based design and construction energy efficiency support, and an active landlord partnership. Program Overview

Green Leasing Our leasing team effectively integrates best practices, efficiency, and IEQ measures with modern design elements through communication of the unique sustainability features included in our state-of-the-art pre built spaces. ESRT leases are designed with green lease clauses, which contribute to our repeated Green Lease Leader Platinum recognition. Green leases include criteria for transparent energy, water, waste, and emissions data to be tracked and reported, broker training, submetering, and tenant fit-out requirements.

Design and Construction We review all architectural and mechanical drawings for tenants to ensure compliance with lease requirements and alignment with High Performance Sustainable Healthy Design and Construction Guidelines. The guidelines include energy efficiency and IEQ strategies that have resulted in 20%–57% modeled energy savings with a payback period of 1.8-4.6 years. Our evaluation and assessment of the strategies we implement at each asset results in increased tenant satisfaction and well-being, a strong ROI for our investors, and meaningful, rewarding work for our employees.

Our partnership with our tenants goes beyond traditional engagement. We work with tenants at every stage of the relationship to integrate priorities and customize initiatives that support their sustainability and ESG goals that drive building performance. Our tenant engagement begins with the inclusion of a suite of sustainability provisions in all our leases. Our lease requirements promote collaboration to achieve efficiency and include performance-based criteria for energy, water, health, IEQ, responsible materials specifications, and waste diversion. We share energy, water, waste, and IEQ data with our tenants and offer hands-on sustainability expertise.

Achieved Green Lease Leader Platinum recognition in 2022, the highest recognition possible, for our dedication to sustainability for the whole building with a focus on performance of tenant space and execution of green leases across 100% of the commercial portfolio.


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