2022 Sustainability Report: Empire State Realty Trust








Operations and Engagement ESRT tenants receive sustainability and ESG education and support for custom tenant energy efficiency programs. From tenant sustainability walk-throughs to green cleaning protocols and our integrated pest management, ESRT building services follow best practices to identify sustainability and ESG opportunities. We proactively support our tenants to measure, report, and achieve their sustainability targets through ESG data, actionable recommendations for energy reduction, ROI-based design and construction, and an active partnership in their sustainability journey. We provide tenants with Sustainability Guidelines and fact sheets and maintain frequent, consistent communications through email, in-person meetings, and social media. Educational town halls and custom tenant groups led by our SVP, Director of Energy, Sustainability, and ESG cover all aspects of our holistic sustainability and ESG program for building occupants. Landlord-tenant collaboration is integral to the success of our sustainability and ESG program goals. We continue to strengthen this partnership with all tenants as we work toward a green future together. Tenant Energy Efficiency Programs We partner with tenants to monitor and evaluate our portfolio-wide energy consumption and GHG emissions reductions, water reduction, and the measures we implement to make continuous progress toward our intensive long-term goals. We developed our High Performance Sustainable Healthy Design and Construction Guidelines, which include strict requirements to drive building performance throughout the design, construction, commissioning, and occupancy phases and to optimize energy efficiency and sustainability in tenant spaces. We provide information on the energy efficiency programs for tenant participation listed below.

NYSERDA Real Time Energy Management (RTEM) NYSERDA’S RTEM Tenants Program encourages building owners to monitor and manage commercial office buildings’ energy, electricity demand, and carbon footprint that covers the core building areas, shared common spaces, and tenant spaces.

ENERGY STAR for Tenant Spaces Demonstrates tenants’ commitment to energy

ULI Tenant Energy Optimization Program Integrates energy efficiency into tenant space design and construction and delivers financial returns through energy conservation. Our Chairman, President, and CEO arranged the private funds and creation of this program at the Natural Resources Defense Council and the transfer of the program to the Urban Land Institute.

NYSERDA Commercial Tenant Program Provides financial support to engage qualified consultants to perform energy audits that identify energy saving opportunities and create plans for the implementation of energy efficiency measures in tenant spaces. Tenants can engage with consultants at any phase of the lease to identify opportunities to reduce energy costs and areas of improvement for occupant well-being and comfort.

efficiency through estimation of energy use, metering energy use, efficient lighting use and equipment, and shared data. Through his role as Chairman of the Real Estate Roundtable’s Sustainability Policy Advisory Committee, our Chairman, President, and CEO initiated the federal legislation that enabled the ENERGY STAR program

to expand to this specific certification for tenants.


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