2022 Sustainability Report: Empire State Realty Trust








Indoor Environmental Quality Americans spend over 90% of their time indoors on average. 11 With that in mind, delivery of the highest caliber IEQ has been a key tenet of our sustainability strategy for more than a decade. Our industry-leading, comprehensive, and state-of-the-art program focuses on operational best practices to ensure healthy, happy, and productive spaces. These best practices include the use of MERV 13 filters, ASHRAE 62.1-compliant ventilation, bipolar ionization air purification technology, daylighting, CO 2 sensors, green cleaning practices, integrated pest management strategies, low-emitting materials, and annual third-party air and water quality testing. Workers in naturally lit offices report a greater than 50% reduction in eye strain, headaches, and drowsiness. 12 Our CO 2 sensors ensure that CO 2 is consistently at 750 ppm, the optimal level for buildings that allows employees to perform 50% better on cognitive tasks. 13 We continually test, pilot, vet, and implement IEQ strategies and technology across our portfolio for the health and well-being of our employees and tenants. Amenities We operate and design our buildings and amenities to build a culture of health that accommodates our tenant needs and establishes an inclusive, engaged community. For instance, the Empire State Building features over 65,000 square feet of amenities that include a state-of-the-art fitness center, a private conference center, and eight in-building dining options. A 400+ person all hands lounge, basketball and pickleball courts, and two golf/virtual reality simulators will be open to all tenants in the near future. Our tenants that are a part of The Campus, which includes our Broadway properties, 111 W. 33 rd Street and 501 7 th Avenue, will soon have access to an 8,000 square foot rooftop lounge to relish the greenery, sunshine, and fresh air with iconic New York City views and a 70+ person tenant lounge with top-of-the-line ESRT IEQ equipped throughout. We create opportunities for our tenants to interact and share social enjoyment while staying well informed on all building services. Our ESRT+ Tenant App is a key part of our continuous efforts to improve the tenant experience with enhanced communication and easy access to resources such as mobile key access, building resources, dining and retail services, perks and events in our neighborhoods, and networking capabilities to connect with other tenants in the office from anywhere. We also provide services for tenants to easily reserve conference rooms, arrange on-site catering and much more.

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