Junior Alleynian 2023

The Forest of Fear n I wished the world would swallow me up. I check the map for the fifteenth time, trying to figure out where I’d taken a wrong turn. It was very inconspicuous. Just when I suspected I had taken a step in the right direction, I bumped into something surreptitiously lurking in the forest. I spun around. There were werewolves. Even though my mind frantically screamed “ RUN ,” I couldn’t move an inch because of the sight in front of me. My adrenalin built up in my stomach. The werewolf’s glaring, scarlet eye met mine right in the centre. As quick as a tempestuous, tumultuous lightning strike, I burst into a pelt. I ran, ran and ran as if my life depended on it; after all, I knew that it did. Hours later, when I felt my legs were being snapped by the roots as if there were menacing hands, and I couldn’t move any more, I saw something that would save my life. There, in front of me, was a lavish cottage. Praying that someone would be home, I shrieked “ someone, anyone, help ! Open the door so I can come in!” To my surprise and relief, an old lady flung open the door just in time. I dove in. I was overjoyed to be alive. And famous too. Scientists have been searching for werewolves for a long time. Now I could hike home and tell the world where they were hidden. But there was only one problem. Fifty famished wolves were circling the forest outside………

The Last Light on the Titanic n A sharp screech rattled through the ship, I covered my ears, clenching them in my hands. Ice flew everywhere knocking down tables and chairs as they fell over board and into the slushy water. For a second, I thought I saw them struggling in desperation, trying to be freed from the bitter grip of the sea. A face of despair. The Titanic carried on, not aware of the on-coming danger. This was the beginning of revenge… I gazed out into the never-ending horizon when all of a sudden, I saw someone playing football with an ice chunk. I didn’t feel good after that. My chest felt as if a needle had pierced through it. As if, I gazed into the unknown and saw something. As if, the ship was in fact not going to make the journey but instead held captive at the bottom of the sea bed. Down. Down. Down, into a void of swirling pain. Sinking to the mysterious bottomless pit. Evacuation started, they ordered women and children first. Everywhere was chaos but I realised that we were in trouble since the iceberg hit. Anger bubbled up inside of me. How could they do this? How could they lie? Waves jumped-up on-board slithering into the wood and then vanishing without a sound. My feet lost balance and when I looked down the ship started to tilt. It was too late, I slipped and hit my head. Everything went blurry. A cold hand reached out and grabbed mine. A boy the same age as me. He heaved me up onto the railing and watched other people struggling. A woman had been stolen by the waves and screamed out for help. It was no use as hypothermia took over and silenced her. We watched people escaping with boats while the others accepted their fates. The boy grabbed my hand in his and mumbled some words into my ear. As the Titanic pulled us under he clenched me harder but the force was too strong. It pulled us under even more and as we were dragged down by the ocean’s tight grip I saw his forgiving and sad expression on his face. Bitter cold water embraced us in darkness as the last light of the Titanic turned off.

By Dylan, Year 3 (Raleigh House)

by Loukas, Year 6 (Drake House)

The Wolves n “OK, come back before 5!” said Mum. As me and Amy bounded happily towards the woods, we heard the birds chirping words and the leaves gently swaying in the wind. We were having so much fun throwing leaves everywhere and playing hide and seek, we didn’t realise the time. Soon, I realised that it was getting dark, so I called Amy and we started to head back home. “Are you sure we’re going the right way?” she asked. “Yeah, of course,” I said, trying to reassure her. But as we walked on, and the moon slowly rose, we began to worry. I started to walk faster, but all I could see were long, black trees looming over me, blocking the ghastly rays of moonlight. Then I began to hear noises. Strange, chattering coming from all around me. Hissing and screeching pierced my ears, and it seemed as if the whole forest had come to life. Anxious and bewildered, I started to run. I ran as fast as I could go, through the thick piles of dead leaves, through the endless woods, through the cold mist that blurred my vision. As the midnight sky turned pitch black, the creepy noises grew louder. At last, when I couldn’t run any further, I saw it. There in front of me, was a big grey wolf. Staring at me, its huge jaws opened to reveal a set of razor-sharp teeth. My blood turned cold. Slowly, the wolf approached me, saliva dripping from its gaping mouth. Its eyes were bulging, fixed on me. Trembling, I watched as more and more eyes open in the darkness, glowing blood-red. As they came closer, I saw that I was surrounded from all sides. I called for Amy, but she was nowhere to be seen.

by Raymond, Year 5 (Spenser House)


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