Junior Alleynian 2023

Digital Leaders

n The boys also led an informative whole school assembly on Safer Internet Day around the theme of ‘Want to talk about it? Making space for conversations about life online’. We celebrated what is great about the internet, and the Digital Leaders offered their top ten tips of how to stay safe online...

n This year, the Digital Leaders have done a phenomenal job of helping to keep our Junior School pupils safe, and encouraging others to become more confident in using their iPads effectively. When asked what they felt were the main jobs they performed this year, they said: “Helping others to use technology safely, especially our iPads.” (Dante, Year 4) “Teaching others about cyberbullying and ensuring that it does not happen.” (Marcus. Year 4) “Giving others advice about how to stay safe online.” (Edward, Year 4) “Helping teachers with app suggestions and technology.” (Alex, Year 6)

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If someone is being unkind to you, screenshot evidence, report and block them. (Toby, Year 6)

Don’t respond to strangers on a game. (Theo, Year 3)

If you find out about unexpected activity on your accounts, change your password. (Alex, Year 6) Don’t share personal information with strangers. (Nico, Year 3). Personal information includes your name, address, phone number and school name. (Dante, Year 4)


Never go on a website without permission. (Louis, Year 5)



Make sure you have anti- virus protection on your computer to keep your device safe. (Marcus, Year 4)


Check with a trusted adult before going on a device. (Elliot, Year 5)


Never click on something that pops up. (Devarsh, Year 3)


Use a strong and separate password for your email. (Edward, Year 4)


Always keep talking... talk to a teacher or parents if you see something that makes you feel worried or bad on the internet. (Nico, Year 3)


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