Junior Alleynian 2023

n This year marked the launch of the fourth annual Dulwich College Identity Awareness Month - DC IAM. The theme for this year was ‘Aware’. Through this, we encouraged students to develop their self-awareness and the awareness of others in order to, ultimately, develop empathy. In assembly, Dr Griffiths introduced the boys to the nine protected characteristics, which are aspects of identity protected by law. We built on this further in Wellbeing lessons by discussing which traits the boys feel have the most influence on their identity - for example, religion, likes and dislikes, hobbies, personality, heritage, DNA and family. The boys then reflected on values and issues that are important to them and made awareness bracelets to represent these. It was lovely to see students wearing their bracelets around school and asking them what their chosen colours stood for. Year 5&6 also got involved in a digital art project that took place across the College. Inspired by the work of artists such as Yinka Ilori and Lakwena Maciver, who use words and language in their work to evoke emotion, the boys were challenged to create their own ‘awareisms’. They had to choose a word or phrase that they wanted others to be aware of, or that promotes kindness and empathy, and turn it into art. The boys greatly enjoyed getting creative with colours, fonts and patterns with some amazing results. Finally, 3R treated us to a thought-provoking assembly and highlighted the importance of understanding our digital identities, a theme we will continue to explore in Safer Internet Day lessons. FREE LEARNING DC IAM


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