Junior Alleynian 2023


inspired by the author and illustrator of The Renegades comic series, pupils created their own eco super-hero and we were very impressed with the ingenuity of some of the ideas! Learning about microbes and composting with Mrs Johnson from JAGS and investigating the number of miles travelled by our fruit and veg with Miss Doherty were particular highlights too. The fourth session of the morning was an indoor Forest School session where students worked in pairs to create natural dreamcatchers - thanks to Mrs Greenaway and Ms Green. Mr Oubridge, Tom A (Y6) and Huge M (Y6) had the interesting task of weighing the waste from both upstairs and downstairs dining rooms each day... daily updates have kept up the momentum and our drive to have a clean plate! Great fun was had on Monday and Friday breaktimes with Miss Northcott leading the Recycling Relays - speed and accuracy counted in this relay, so boys had to be confident in which bin (recycling or non- recycling) to throw the rubbish. Our drive towards looking after our planet remains at the forefront of our minds.

n In the words of David Attenborough, ‘The best motto is not to waste things’ and we have certainly made a concerted effort not to waste anything during Eco week! Upcycling was a huge success with plant pots created in Year 3, tote bags in Year 4, crackers for their Christmas community party in Year 5 and bead bracelets made out of magazines in Year 6.

The staff were very impressed with the care, creativity and teamwork taking place.

Year 5 and 6 orienteered across the campus, discovering all the sustainability initiatives in place in the College – where they learned about the solar panels in the Laboratory and the Lord George Building, the new windows (and window frames) in the Cloisters to help keep heat inside the buildings, the electric charging points for vehicles and even the 1000th tree planted on site!

Year 4 enjoyed a jam-packed Eco Morning with JAGS on Thursday -


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