Junior Alleynian 2023

The Great Exhibition

research to showcase their learning. A vital part of the Year 6 Project is also the importance of approaching a topic from different angles, and using critical thinking to consider elements such as how an issue might have changed over time, different perspectives surrounding an issue, or how an issue might be connected to other factors.

n The boys in Year 6 worked hard throughout Lent Term on their ‘Great Exhibition Projects’. This is an extended individual research Project, based around the UN Goals for Sustainable Development, and a key part of the boys’ Humanities learning in Year 6. As part of the process, the boys worked hard to identify issues they were passionate about, relating to the Global Goals. They developed their research skills, particularly focussing on aspects such as forming research questions, and how to use references. They then worked to ‘synthesize’ their

The Project culminated in a ‘Great Exhibition’, where the boys celebrated their work by presenting their Projects to parents and relatives.


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