Junior Alleynian 2023


wrote thoughtful messages and designed wonderful front covers, showing the connections between Dulwich College in London and Kakuma in Kenya. Our D&I (Diversity and Inclusion) Ambassadors had the privilege of attending a second thought-provoking talk by Amy, along with some Senior School pupils. This session delved into the preservation of culture and identity in refugee camps. They learnt about the different cultures and heritages of those living in Kakuma and gained an understanding of how art can be a way for people to celebrate and share their identities. The power of storytelling as a way to create compassion with others was evident through the “Reader to Reader” sessions. Year 12 prefects visited each class from Years 3 to 5 and shared stories centered around the theme of refugees. Another heart-warming collaboration occurred when Year 6 students joined their Year 4 peers to share the refugee stories they have written in English lessons this term. Inspired by their class novels, these stories showcased creativity and empathy, and the younger boys greatly enjoyed listening to the engaging narratives.

n Refugee Week, was marked nationally and also at the Junior School through our College-wide Free Learning Week. Throughout the week, Junior School boys had the opportunity to engage in various activities that shed light on the lives of refugees and fostered a sense of compassion and understanding. One of the most impactful moments was the assembly led by Amy Campbell, co-founder of the charity MyStart. Amy shared captivating stories about life in the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya. She told us about the art workshops the charity run for young people in the camp, highlighting the importance of creative learning for those affected by conflict and in challenging circumstances. In Year 6, students participated in workshops led by Amy and Una from MyStart. In these sessions, the boys got to design football badges that celebrated their interests and identities – a project previously run for young people in Kakuma. This activity allowed the boys to reflect on the importance of identity, emphasising that our diversity should be celebrated. Meanwhile, our Year 4 students demonstrated compassion by writing heartfelt postcards to children in Kakuma. They


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