Junior Alleynian 2023


This was taken further at the next Summer Term meeting with discussion of more complex concepts: intersectionality, protected characteristics and discrimination. As Spencer stressed , “Boys should never feel at unease that they just can’t fully open up about who they are.“ The Ambassadors were also introduced to the new Senior D&I Prefects, Ahimsa, Saajid and Zaki. During Refugee Week, the Ambassadors were invited to join a presentation to Year 10 and 12 students by Amy Campbell from MyStart about Culture and Identity in the Kukuma Refugee Camp in Kenya. It was great to see them holding their own among the senior students as part of a wider College event. I hope that the Year 6 students moving into Year 7 will remain involved and add their voices to the Lower School D&I Forum. I look forward to continue working with the current Ambassadors and any upcoming Year 5 and 6 students in September.

n In the Lent Term, the Junior School launched its new Diversity & Inclusion Forum. This is a pupil representative group, already well- established across the Senior School, contributing to the College’s continuing drive towards building a school of equity where every pupil feels equally respected, supported and valued. Wanting to “stand up for what is right” or believing that “everyone can be who they are”, Augie, Chomba, Nathan, Sam, Spencer and Vivaan (Year 6) and Forest, James and Vish (Year 5) were selected to become the School’s very first Diversity & Inclusion Ambassadors. By deepening and sharing their knowledge and understanding of D&I issues, they helped to make the pupil voice heard. They had a busy two terms. At their first Forum meeting, the Ambassadors provided some input into a College-wide dialogue around ethos and values. They impressed Sue Mulholland and Oliver Gardner, the outgoing and incoming College Directors of Inclusion, with their enthusiasm and insightfulness in discussing some key language, including Equality vs Equity and Diversity vs Inclusion, and how it is reflected in the Junior School. “I really care about things being fair and everyone being able to have the same opportunities,“ urged Nathan.

As Chomba aptly put it; “Regardless of our differences we can all come together, work collaboratively and be ourselves.”


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