Junior Alleynian 2023


n Usually, the beehive at the bottom of Mr Waxworth’s garden is a well-oiled machine. The Nectar Team head out every day to spread pollen and collect nectar from the flowers to make honey. The worker bees frantically buzz about making honeycomb, circulating the hive with oxygen, and feeding the larvae. All the while, the faithful drones cater to every need of the omnipotent Queen Bee. Life in the hive is ordered and busy. However, while most bees find the routine of daily life comforting, Grumble Bee dreams of something more than the monotonous and thankless life of a worker bee. With a penchant for Shakespeare, she yearns for the bright lights of the stage. That is until a shocking discovery is made. One that will impact Mr Waxworth, Grumble Bee, the hive and even the world. A discovery that threatens life as we know it…


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