Junior Alleynian 2023


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How do foodbanks help to stop food poverty in our local area? What is the deeper side of homelessness? To what extent is race and gender discrimination in football an issue, and how can we improve the situation? How does plastic pollution in the Thames, and elsewhere, affect life in the ocean? What is the impact of petrol, diesel and electric car use? What is the ‘plastic bank’, and how is it helping the issue of plastic pollution? Sea turtles are endangered: what can we do to help? Global warming: what causes it, and how can we stop it? Why is fusion an ideal energy source? How do wars start, and how can we resolve them? Why is it important that everyone has access to clean water? How is North Korea governed, and how does it compare to other government systems in the world? What are the alternatives to non-renewable energy? How can we help protect the habitats of woodland animals in the UK? Racism within sport: who is experiencing it, and how can it be reduced? What can we do to prevent plastic pollution in the Thames? What do we mean by ‘homelessness’ and ‘poverty’, and how do these issues affect people in the UK? What is the impact of current wars, and how has warfare change over time? What are some of the solutions to the problem of unemployment? How can we make London more bike-friendly, and encourage more people to use bikes?

What is the cost of living crisis and how is it affecting Londoners? What is the impact of knife crime in the UK? How diverse is cricket and does the situation need improving? What is the situation regarding animal trafficking in the UK?

Why is waste a problem in the UK? Should petrol vehicles be banned? To what extent is London a tech giant? What are the causes, effects and solutions of homelessness in London? How healthy are Londoners? Electric vs Petrol powered vehicles: what are the benefits and effects? How does propaganda and misinformation affect our society today? Homelessness in the UK: what are the causes, effects and solutions? What causes people to become homeless in the UK and what can be done to help? To what extent are zoos good or bad? How is the government moving towards green energy sources?

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How effective is the Conservative Party? How does climate change affect London? Why is homelessness such a big issue? Adult learning in Lewisham: is it successful? How can plastic waste and water pollution in London be reduced?

What can we do to stop poverty in London? How can we help endangered species in the UK? Why is knife crime such an issue in London? What can we do to help homeless people in London? Why are so many teenagers involved in knife crime?

Why is global warming taking place? Why is inflation such a big problem? How can we power our homes and businesses by renewable energy? Why is knife crime so bad in London? Why do we need to change the way we power cars? Why do we need bees?

What does poverty do to the world? Can nuclear power change the world? How does fashion harm the environment? How is climate change affecting animals in Britain?

Why is there a gender pay gap? Why is recycling so important? Is nuclear fusion better than fission?


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