The Despatch Christmas Edition 2023

THE despatch CHRISTMAS 2023

Formula E ’ s founding mission was

wacky rules in Formula E: Until last

for its races to take place through

year there was a rule called fan

the streets of the most iconic cities

boost where the drivers would get

in the world - with a grid full of the

boosted depending on who the

best racing drivers and teams

fans were voting for!!! Also, there is

around - to show just what electric

no DRS* in Formula E; instead there

cars were capable of. They wanted

are speed boost pads on the

to drive electric vehicles to the fore

ground to help drivers overtake,

in the race for a better, cleaner

just like the orange boost in Mario


kart!!! All in all, Formula E is the

future, although there is a long

After three months, a deal first

time before Formula E is able to

written on a napkin at a French café

become the mainstream of racing,

was brought to life. After lots and

not the so called off brand rip - off of

lots of planning and test cars,

Formula 1 that people say it is

Formula E made its debut in the


grounds of the Olympic Park in

Beijing in 2014. Since then it has

* The term stands for drag

grown into a global entertainment

reduction system, a controversial

brand with motorsport at its heart.

mechanism controlled by the driver.

Now, with 12 teams and 24 drivers

With the press of a button in

on the grid, the championship has

specific zones, the rear wing can

become a destination for the

open on F1 cars.

world's best motorsport teams and

By William Beresford

racing talent. Here are some of the


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