The Despatch Christmas Edition 2023

The despatch CHRISTMAS 2023

Test Anxiety

In the current education system,

However, test anxiety can be

tests have become an integral part

negated by making lifestyle

of a student ’ s life,

changes. A good night ’ s sleep will

writes Toby Kuzi - Orizu.

make you well - rested and therefore

For example, at Dulwich College

more relaxed, which means you will

most pupils have to sit a test in all

be more likely to perform well

their subjects every half term. Tests

during your test. Also, having

are commonly used to detect if

something to eat or drink is

pupils understand what they are

important as you will be able to

being taught in lessons and help

concentrate better if you are not

them know to improve on topics

they did not score well on.

However, students can often feel

pressured to score well on tests by

their parents or peers. While some

can use this pressure as motivation

to perform better during tests, for

most people this makes them

hungry or thirsty. Additionally, it is a

stressed and get lower marks on

clever idea to form a study group

tests. An estimated 40 - 60% of

with your friends, as if you are

students feel severe test anxiety

confident in your knowledge of the

and it is a huge issue due to our

subject, you will be less likely to

test - based education system.

feel stressed about it.


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