The Despatch Christmas Edition 2023

THE despatch CHRISTMAS 2023

The Elemental Detectives

A novel by Patrice Lawrence

This novel, set in Victorian London, tells

the story of Robert Strong and

Maryseem, who are trying to figure out

why everyone other than them has

been sent to sleep by a yellow fog that

hangs around the victim's mouth. They

must find Marysee ’ s grandma who dis-

appeared at the start of the story. She

was the Keeper of the Wells and every

weekend she would descend into the

well to collect water from the mysteri-

ous Chads - water spirits that live in the

steams. As well as the Chads There are the Fumi - air spirits - and Dragons,

which are made up of lots of little creatures that either join up to form a

dragon, or remain small so that they can hide in all the corners of a dark

room or cracks of the street.

This is an exciting book with lots of twists and turns that guide you

around a dark and mysterious story and an unknown villain. Marysee must

try and work out what the sleep illness is and to combat it, and together

the children must speak to ghosts and the different spirits to find their way

to the end of this problem.


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