The Despatch Christmas Edition 2023

The despatch CHRISTMAS 2023

Patrice Lawrence was inspired by

in the Raymond Chandler

the story of an 18th centrury slave

Library. Ms Lawrence explained

called Jonathon Strong who was

how she was brought up by her

treated badly by his master. One

mum, who was from Trinidad, and

day his master decided that he was

her Italian dad. She told us that

no use because of his injuries and

people constantly ask about this,

thus he was thrown out onto the

wondering if he was her real dad as

streets where he was rescued by

their skin was not the same colour.

William Sharp. William Sharp

She put this childhood experience

helped stich him up and get back to

into one of her books, Is That Your

full health. Unfortunately, he died

Mama? which she hopes will help

soon after and was forgotten by

children with parents like hers, or

most of history.

any parents with difference. In the

talk she also showed many photos

Patrice Lawrence based Robert

of her childhood and time with her

Strong in the book on Jonathon

family which gave you a very good

Strong so that she could give him a

understanding of her past. Some of


By Jake Thurgood

them were cute as well as quite

Patrice Lawrence Author Visit On Wednesday 4 th October Patrice

funny. It was a very interesting and

intriguing talk, not only about her

books but also her inspirations and

her life.

Lawrence, author of TSBA

shortlisted book Needles , took part

By Mark Gill

in a virtual author visit held upstairs


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