The Despatch Christmas Edition 2023

THE despatch CHRISTMAS 2023

who are typically selected to work in

Pluckiest Prison Breaks, Past and Present

kitchens have a record of being

reliable and trustworthy. Lord

Carlisle, barrister and former

independent reviewer of terrorism

On Thursday the 7 th of September,

legislation, told the BBC it was "mind

Daniel Khalife escaped Wandsworth

- boggling" that a terrorist could work


in the kitchen with access to knives.

The 21 - year - old was convicted of

This is utterly ridiculous. BidFood

trying to spy for an enemy state,

stated that their driver had “ fully

understood to be Iran, and plotting a

cooperated with the police ”. The

fake bomb in the military. It is

driver's identity has not been

believed that he clung to the

released. Detectives believe Khalife

underside of a BidFood lorry

was still wearing his prison - issue

delivering food to the prison. Daniel

cook's uniform when he slipped out

Khalife was working in the prison ’ s

of the low security prison. A

kitchens, where he was able to

question on everyone ’ s lips is: why

escape to the deliveries entrance

was a terrorist in a low security

and cling on to the truck. Prison

prison in the least secure section?

officers choose very carefully who

"They only had 69 prison officers on

gets to work in kitchens as they are

duty, during this escape they should

full of knives and other dangerous

have had at least 120 prison officers

equipment. Because of the

on duty," Mark Fairhurst said. This is

deliveries, they are also an obvious

obviously a horrendous slip - up

potential escape route and inmates


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