The Despatch Christmas Edition 2023

The despatch CHRISTMAS 2023

woodcraft and gardening. There are many activities now, such as plays,

workshops and fairs. Older College students can volunteer to help out at

the school as well. Over the years,

many other Dulwich College infant

schools have been established

around the world, always called

DUCKS. Altogether, with all the

international DUCKSs, there are

over 2,300 ducklings.

By Kit Fisher


STEM and Humanities are the two pillars of learning both inside and outside the curriculum, writes Raglan Jenen - Burgess

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Humaniti e s

include Art, Music, English, History, Geography, RT, Drama and Languages.

Without these our world couldn ’ t function. But what if there could only be

one? What if you had to choose? This is STEM vs. Humanities!!

STEM explains our world from a scientific perspective. Using STEM, we

have learned how black holes work, how birds fly, how to develop

genetically modified food and so, so much more. Without STEM, humans

could not have gone to the moon, developed skyscrapers or made

innovations in everything from communications to cooking. In STEM there

is almost always a right or wrong with no shades of grey, with a scientific

process behind everything.


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