The Despatch Christmas Edition 2023

THE despatch CHRISTMAS 2023

STEM provides a scientific framework through which we understand our

world. STEM has allowed us to innovate and explore. Indeed, our world is

looking towards STEM for answers to global problems such as climate

change. But what if we only had Humanities? What then? Humanities, as

the name suggests, is the study of humanity and what we humans have

created. Without Humanities no books would be written, no TV would be

produced and no games would be made or played. Anywhere you look,

the humanities are there,

whether it's prayers in a church,

mosque or synagogue, to books

in a library. As the world becomes

more divided, communication

and understanding others becomes more and more important. Even if

STEM can provide a technical solution to climate change, it takes politics,

communication and global cooperation – Humanities – to make it

happen. At the heart of humanities is the basic desire to create and

communicate. It is nearly impossible to imagine a world without


In conclusion, although STEM has helped us understand how our world

works and has brought us major improvements in our daily lives, I believe

Humanities are more valuable. If humans were to be wiped out, and an

alien came to earth, Humanities will tell our story. Because of this,

Humanities wins!


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