The Despatch Christmas Edition 2023

THE despatch CHRISTMAS 2023

In 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo. This

began WW1 and launched Europe into a state of almost total war.

Russia joined the Triple Entente and were decisively defeated by the

Germans at the Second Battle of Tannenberg, leaving Russia struggling

to survive, leading to Lenin taking over the country. The Bolsheviks

agreed to a heavy peace deal at the Treaty of Brest - Litovsk, and Russia

began a massive civil war that saw millions die of famine. After the civil

war the Bolsheviks retook lost territory, including Ukraine, and Stalin

took over from Lenin after his death. Then came WW2, during which

850,000 - 1.6 million Ukrainian Jews were massacred. The Iron Curtain

was drawn up after the war and Ukraine became a vital part of Soviet

agriculture and economy. In 1991 the Soviet Union collapsed, and

Ukraine became an independent nation.

Since independence, Ukraine has faced several problems. In 2004, the

election for president was full of corruption and fraudulent claims.

There have been pro and anti - Russian candidates taking part in

elections, and Ukraine has been split apart by this divide.

History shows that Ukraine and Russia are connected, and this link is

continued in the present day with the names of the two politicians.

Putin ’ s first name is Vladimir, which in Ukrainian is directly translated to

Volodymyr, the first name of Zelensky, the president of Ukraine.

Ideologically, many Ukrainians are undisputedly Ukrainian, and Ukraine

includes Crimea, Luhansk, and Donetsk. On the other side many


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