The Despatch Christmas Edition 2023

The despatch CHRISTMAS 2023

Ukrainians feel, at least in part, Russian and speak Russian. Putin ’ s

war on Ukraine has been predicted to go on for years, a conflict that

you could argue, dates to the golden age of Vikings.

I Don ’ t Like Movies! (or at least video game adaptations)

OK. Let's talk about movies or at least the latest trend in movie

making: Taking a video game that people like, throwing some famous

actors at it and turning it into a movie. Millions of people have seen

hits that are video game adaptations, for instance “ The Super Mario

Bros Movie ”, or “ The Last of Us ”. Now I am not saying these are not

good films, but I feel they are boring or even lacklustre in comparison

to the original game. Let's use “ The Super Mario Bros Movie" as an

example. It is a good film, but the story is nothing new, nothing to

make you excited about. It ’ s just the same old story about a princess

getting kidnapped - no exciting flare or story that delves into a new

realm from the video game character.

This trend has been seen before, but last time video adaptations

were popular the films flopped enormously - and sometimes for

obvious reasons. For instance here

are the Goombas from the original

1993 Super Mario Bros live action



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