The Despatch Christmas Edition 2023

THE despatch CHRISTMAS 2023

Definitely fuel for your nightmares.

Though this image on its own could have been the reason for the flop, I

think having live action versions of popular games is really the worst of the

worst. This is because when animating characters, you can make them look

like the original reference, but with a live action movie you have to assign

actors who look nothing like the original video game character. For

example, in the upcoming Minecraft: The Movie

it has been announced that Jason Momoa who

plays Aquaman in the DC movies and looks like


Will be playing Steve.

What also prompted me to write this article is

that Nintendo is making a live action version of The Legend of Zelda which

I can only imagine has an 80% chance of being awful!

I think overall that live action remakes are stupid and should have

stopped after the 1993 Mario movie! Though I think that if film makers are

loyal and correct to the original material but also have a new story then

these movies of tv shows can be better by a country mile.

By William Beresford


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