The Despatch Christmas Edition 2023

The despatch CHRISTMAS 2023

Hands Down the Most Realistic AI Images Ever?

February 2023: Bing Chat is released for public use. It is the first AI model that can generate both text and images. Microsoft have since released another AI image generation model, which cannot generate text, using the powerful Dall - E 3. Before, AI image generators struggled to make faces and hands look realistic, as stable diffusion still does, but Dall - E 3 has no trouble doing these. Dall - E can now create images with set colour

backgrounds, as other AI models struggle with as well. Dall - E 3 is completely free and easy to use, as it has a navigable GUI. Unlike Midjourney, which comes in the form of a Discord bot, but Dall - E can be accessed online. There are, of course, other AI image generators, however none nearly as strong as Dall - E 3. Below are (l - r): Stable Diffusion, Dall - E 3 and Hotpot generating a “ ship entering a harbour ”, a “ realistic wolf ” and a “ girl with her hands on a table ”


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