The Despatch Christmas Edition 2023

THE despatch CHRISTMAS 2023

The History of Santa Claus

Northern Europe is where we first

these Christmas figures to fuse into

have evidence of human creative

one: Santa Claus, a man who loves

figures like Santa Claus. Northern

food, who has a reindeer you

Europe is dark, cold and depressing

should leave a carrot for, and

during the winter months so it

dresses in red and white. This figure

would make sense that figures such

is celebrated in the poem, The

as Saint Nick from the Netherlands,

Night Before Christmas, written in

who dresses in red and white like a

1823. Originally called A Visit From

Bishop, and rides a white horse

St Nick, it tells us about a magical

called Amerigo, for whom Dutch

man landing on the roof of a house

children leave out a carrot and

and owning a reindeer, but this

whose name in Dutch is Sinterklaas;

figure was always referred to as the

and Father Christmas from England

Dutch Saint Nick, who was very

- a jolly Pagan who dresses in green

small, like an elf from Northern

and has a holly wreath on his head,

Europe. As the 1800s progressed,

who is more concerned with food

Santa gained a wife and a

and wine then with children, both

workforce of elves, thanks to

come from places in Northern

American books and pictures. Coca


Cola used Santa to advertise their

product, exporting Santa across the

During the age of colonization,

globe, resulting in those of us in the

these characters were exported to

UK referring to the bearded present

America by settlers. This resulted in


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