The Despatch Christmas Edition 2023

The despatch CHRISTMAS 2023

- giver as Santa and Father Christmas interchangeably. In the Netherlands

Saint Nick is still holding out against Santa. Countries have also staked

claims to where Santa lives. His previous home on the Magnet North Pole

has moved off the ice sheet and into the Arctic Ocean. Canada claims

Santa lives somewhere in the territory of Nunavut, with his postcode as,

‘ HOH OHO ’, and Santa has received full Canadian citizenship. America

claims Santa lives in the town of North Pole, Alaska, and Denmark says

Santa lives in the old Danish colony of Greenland, and Greenland

unsurprisingly agrees! Finland has even built Santa his own workshop in

Rovaniemi, where you can even visit Santa in the off season.

Thank you for reading and merry Christmas!

By Thomas Hibbert

From Grid to Green: How Formula E is Shaking Up Racing

The year is 2011. On the evening of March 3rd, FIA President Jean Todt and

Spanish businessman and

Formula E Chairman Alejandro

Agag, meet in a Paris restaurant

and gather their thoughts on

what will become the world's

first all - electric international

single - seater championship.


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