Healthy: Spring/Summer 2024

Wildlife Art Barbara Ray


Connect with nature and discover the artist within through fail- safe techniques to sketch a live animal portrait. Meet a couple of mammals and focus on techniques to create the visual textures of fur and capture the personality of our animal models. All supplies and materials are included. Ages: 18 & up Class Date Day Time Fees CR SDR/NR 252150.01 May 13 M 3-4pm $10 $20 352150.01 Aug 12 M 6-7pm $10 $20 Location: DCRC, Senior Lounge

Esports for Adults Matthew Reece Join us in the Respawn Lounge to discover the world of esports. Learn fundamental concepts about controlling computer games with a keyboard and mouse, the rules and controls of a variety of popular games like Rocket League and Fortnite and walk away with an understanding of how to compete


Table Top Native Planters Barbara Ray

independently. Ages: 18 & up Class

Join us to dig around in the dirt and create your own tabletop “mini” native plant garden. Planters, soil, tools and young plants are provided! Ages: 18 & up Class Date Day


Day Time


245100.01 Apr 4-Apr 25 Th Location: DCRC, Esports Room




Drumming for Health Joyce Phelps



254640.01 May 30


10:30-11:30am $13


Location: Coffman Park Art Barn

Drum circles are an effective tool for health and wellness and a breath of fresh air in our stress-filled lives. Studies have shown drumming can be energizing, quiet mental chatter, reduce stress and improve mental clarity. No drumming experience or skills required – everyone has the innate ability to create rhythm! Drums and other percussion instruments are provided. Ages: 18 & up Class Date Day Time Fees CR SDR/NR 246355.01 Apr 10-May 15 W 6:30-7:30pm $60 $70 Location: DCRC, Talla 3 Class Date Day Time Fees CR SDR/NR 346355.01 Jul 10-Aug 14 W 6:30-7:30pm $60 $70 Location: DCRC, Senior Lounge

Etruscan Art of Tuscany


Sean Crum Explore the world of art history through the Etruscan civilization of central Italy, from which Tuscany derives its name today. Discover the evolution between the 10th and 1st centuries BC and the influences that combined to create exceptional revolutionary art in burial, bronze casting and Renaissance masters. Survey the sites of two golden ages in world art through this informative presentation. Ages: 18 & up Class Date Day Time Fees CR SDR/NR 242118.01 Apr 23 Tu 6:30-7:30pm $5 $10 Location: DCRC, Talla 3

Investing Basics Charlie Reymann, APMA, Financial Advisor Engage in this informative


Medieval Sculpture: Rome to Renaissance Sean Crum


discussion on investing basics. Learn more about building a portfolio and understanding the financial industry’s key terms and types of accounts available for investment. This presentation is for educational purposes only – no direct sales. Ages: 18 & up Class Date Day Time Fees CR SDR/NR 244249.01 Apr 16 Tu 6:30-7:30pm $5 $10 Location: DCRC, Senior Lounge

In this art history presentation, the discussion focuses on medieval sculpture from the realism of the Roman Empire to the return of classical ideals of the Early Renaissance. Progress through the evolution of art in the thousand years marking the Middle Ages and to the return of large-scale formations that still stand today. Ages: 18 & up Class Date Day Time Fees CR SDR/NR 342118.01 Jun 11 Tu 6:30-7:30pm $5 $10 Location: DCRC, Talla 3


Healthy Spring/Summer 2024

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