Healthy: Spring/Summer 2024

VIRTUAL GROUP FITNESS ACCESS We understand that some patrons cannot participate in classes on-site or prefer our virtual option. This monthly option allows access to unlimited virtual classes taught by your favorite DCRC instructors. A complete list of classes can be found at fitness/. After you register, look for the link to the class on your receipt under Activity Comments.

PERSONAL TRAINING A certified personal trainer can help you sift through health and fitness information and provide on-going motivation. DCRC members and non-members may use a personal trainer from a list of sanctioned trainers. All personal trainers must be approved and sanctioned by the DCRC in order to work with or train clients at the DCRC. All DCRC sanctioned personal trainers are required to hold professional liability insurance and a current nationally accredited personal training certification such as ACE, ACSM, NSCA as well as provide educational and direct experience working as a personal trainer or certified fitness instructor. USING A PERSONAL TRAINING PASS 1. Select a personal trainer from the list, which includes a short bio describing their education, experience and contact information. Contact a trainer before buying a personal training pass to determine the trainer’s availability and to ask any questions. 2. Once you determine which trainer you’d like to work with, purchase a personal training pass online or at the front desk. All pass payments must be paid in full before starting personal training sessions. Do not make payments directly to the personal trainer. 3. To use your personal training pass, check in at the fitness desk before each session begins. The trainer or a staff member subtracts a session from your pass. It is important to check in at the fitness desk prior to your training session. 4. All personal training passes expire in 90 days. 5. Personal training passes are generally non-refundable. Refunds are only granted at the discretion of the DCRC Fitness Program Supervisor.



DCRC Member Non-Member

279100.01 279100.02 379100.01 379100.02 379100.03

April 1-30 May 1-31 June 1-30 July 1-31 Aug 1-26

$35 $35 $35 $35 $30

$40 $40 $40 $40 $35

LIFTTEEN PROGRAM - NEW Check out our new LiftTeen

fitness program that is specifically designed for


teens, ages 12-15. For $50 per session, teens receive a consultation appointment with a personal trainer, a personalized 30-day exercise program, and a one-on-one orientation to review proper form, technique, use of equipment, and fitness floor etiquette. Plus, a certified personal trainer is on the fitness floor from 3-5 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays to help answer questions, provide additional guidance and assist as needed.

Single person, 1-hour sessions: 1-time introductory session $52

$52 $72



8-session package 12-session package

$421 $604

$436 $619

Single person/Semi Private, 1/2-hour sessions: 1-time introductory session $31

$31 $47



8-session package 12-session package

$272 $373

$287 $388

Two-person, 1-hour sessions 1-time introductory session $31/person

$31/person $47/person

1-session pass

$37/person $272/person $373/person

8-session package 12-session package

$287/person $388/personn

Interested in additional 30-day personalized programs to keep you challenged and progressing toward your fitness goals? Purchase a 3-session pass for $140 and save $10. Passes are valid for 4 months. For more information, contact Fitness Specialist Hunter Akers at 614.410.4594 or

Two-person, 1/2-hour sessions 1-time introductory session $21/person

$21/person $34/person $201/person $271/person

1-session pass

$24/person $186/person $256/person

8-session package 12-session package


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