Healthy: Spring/Summer 2024

Hatha Yoga Claudia Hamman


Yoga focuses on the mind-body connection to improve your physical and mental health. Hatha Yoga is practiced slowly to encourage strength and flexibility while allowing time to focus on breath and awareness. Each practice begins and ends with a calming meditation. A mindful warm-up awakens muscles and encourages mobility. Claudia guides you through intentional standing poses to improve balance and core strength. Seated stretches help release tension while improving range of motion. Options to modify or advance poses are offered in this mixed-level class. Blankets, straps, and blocks are provided. Please bring your own yoga mat and water bottle.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Claudia Hamman

Vinyasa Yoga blends fluid movements with intentional breath to build energy and find inward focus. Enjoy exploring a series of accessible poses designed to improve agility, balance, flexibility and strength. Expect a thoughtfully designed, slow-flow practice. Class opens with meditation and warm-up, then progressively builds rhythm and heat. Standing and balancing poses are playfully strung together to create a moving meditation. Seated stretches allow time to develop the mind- body connection. Final relaxation completes your practice. Blankets, straps and blocks are provided. Some yoga experience is helpful. Please bring your own yoga mat.

Ages: 18 & up Class

Ages: 18 & up Class


Day Time


273400.01 Apr 3-Apr 24 W 273400.02 May 1-May 22 W 373400.01 Jun 5-Jun 26 W

5-5:55pm 5-5:55pm 5-5:55pm 5-5:55pm 5-5:55pm

$40 $40 $40 $30 $30

$50 $50 $50 $40 $40


Day Time


273401.01 Apr 1-Apr 22 M 273401.02 Apr 29-May 20 M 373401.01 Jun 3-Jun 24 M

6-6:55pm 6-6:55pm 6-6:55pm 6-6:55pm 6-6:55pm

$40 $40 $40 $40 $30

$50 $50 $50 $50 $40

373400.02 Jul 10-Jul 31


373400.03 Aug 7-Aug 21 W Location: DCRC, Fitness Studio 1

373401.02 Jul 8-Jul 29


373401.03 Aug 5-Aug 19 M Location: DCRC, Fitness Studio


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