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ORGANIZED GROUP/PERSONAL USE POLICY Dublin Recreation Services reserves the right to define the use of all programming and public spaces within the Dublin Community Recreation Center. We do this to protect the integrity of memberships, ensure sustainability for our programs, and provide opportunities for all patrons to use the facility. The DCRC is a highly subsidized community amenity; therefore, allowing usage that results in private monetary gain for an individual conflicts with this philosophy. All organized groups desiring to utilize City of Dublin recreation spaces or facilities must secure formal meeting rooms or activity spaces via the reservations process. Failure to do so could result in the loss of use of the desired area or facility. Non-City sponsored private lessons, personal services, team practices or any other activities deemed paid instruction , whether paid with money or traded services, are prohibited in the Dublin Community Recreation Center. (For Parks Usage policies and guidelines, please contact Community Events at 410.4545 or visit community-event-guidebook-application/ Private, unpaid instruction between individual members or daily pass patrons is permitted, provided all facility rules and activity area schedules are followed, and the reasonable use by other patrons is not impaired. Should a conflict arise concerning this type of use, a manager on duty will discuss it with the parties involved to give direction and implement a resolution. The Dublin Community Recreation Center and the City of Dublin are not liable for non-City sponsored instruction provided under this policy and members do so at their own risk. City of Dublin employees or contractors in active or furloughed status are prohibited from offering non-de minimis paid or unpaid instruction apart from their regularly paid job duties. This is because performing these functions exposes employees and contractors to additional risk of violating Ohio Ethics Laws, additional liability risk, and potential issues with worker’s compensation determinations. De minimis instruction is defined as the occasional, non-regular, and temporally brief assistance designed to enhance City of Dublin facilities and services by members and patrons (e.g., briefly assisting a patron on how to use a piece of equipment, etc). City of Dublin employees or contractors in inactive or separated status are permitted to offer non-de minimis, unpaid instruction provided that they: 1. Notify their supervisor before starting such work and 2. Sign the acknowledgment waiver associated with this instruction 3. Cease unpaid instruction when they resume active status Employees are responsible for being aware of all personnel policies related to this use and direct any questions to their supervisor.

FOR THE SAFETY OF YOUR CHILDREN Program participants, please note that children under ten must be escorted to and from their program/activity by an adult 18 years or older. Parents are expected to bring children to the program on time and pick them up promptly at the conclusion. For programs behind the check-in desk, please be prepared to let staff know the program you or your children are attending and have your I.D. ready. REGISTRATION POLICIES • Register promptly to ensure your position in the program. We reserve the right to cancel classes due to insufficient enrollment seven days before the start of the program. • Registrations are accepted until a class is full. Waitlists may be available for some classes. • Recreation Services staff attempt to contact you if a class is canceled. • Participants registering for age- or grade-specific programs must be the minimum age or grade listed by the first day of the program, unless otherwise stated. • Program dates, times, locations and instructors are subject to change. FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE A financial assistance program is available to assist Dublin residents in temporary hardship or particular times of need. For information and an application, visit recreation-services/dcrc-membership/ . SIBLING POLICY Due to the structure of the child/parent programs, only children who are the appropriate age for the class will be permitted to register and attend the program. No younger or older siblings are allowed in the classroom to sit and watch or be left unattended in the lobby. PARENT POLICY With your child’s best interest in mind and to provide the best learning environment, we ask that all parents refrain from entering the teaching area during classes. This eliminates any interruptions between the instructor and participants. We feel it is beneficial for the children to have time alone to interact with their peers. Parents are invited to attend the last day of classes to view their child’s progress. To provide a safe environment, students must be able to follow directions and not be disruptive. PHOTOGRAPH POLICY Photographs of DCRC programs and class participants are occasionally taken. These photographs promote Recreation Services programming in future editions of the Programs and Activities Guide and other City of Dublin publications. Please notify the photographer if you prefer that you or your child not be photographed.


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