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OUR FUTURE BESTSELLER Announcing ‘Keys to a Healthy Smile After 40’

How can we stay healthy through our entire life?

We worked so hard on our book, and the feedback we’ve gotten has been wonderful. After reading it, Diane Burton, author of “Master’s Masterpiece,” said, “I thought I was a health expert — but after reading this book, I realized I was undermining my health without even knowing it. Thanks for giving me back years of youthful vitality.”

As we age, it can become harder to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A lot of people focus on how changes to their skin or hair make them look decades older than they feel, but did you know your teeth are also affected by the aging process? In fact, one of the best ways to rejuvenate your face is to have a bright, healthy smile.

“Even if you practiced the best oral hygiene throughout your life, once you turn 40, you will find yourself faced with new problems.”

Many people think their teeth will automatically fall out as they get older and that dentures are inevitable. This isn’t the case at all! When you care for your teeth correctly, you can keep smiling your

whole life. The trick is learning how to care for your teeth as you get older. You need a different kind of dental care after you turn 40.

“Keys to a Healthy Smile After 40” doesn’t have a release date just yet, but I promise, you will be the first to know when it’s available. I am really proud of what we created within these pages. Dr. Janice and I had so much fun working on this book together, and considering how important family is to myself and everyone at our practice, it’s fitting that A+ Family Dentistry’s first book was written by two sisters.

When I turned 40 a few years ago, I found myself noticing how different my teeth felt. I knew my body would feel different as my physiology changed with age, but I didn’t expect that to happen to my teeth. Suddenly, just brushing and flossing wasn’t enough. My gums were sore all the time. I started to go in for regular cleanings more often than just once every six months. I saw a lot of improvement from that decision alone. I see these same changes in many of my patients. At 40, their teeth are different than they were at 20 or 30. Every decade seems to present new challenges for keeping our bodies healthy. Even if you practiced the best oral hygiene throughout your life, once you turn 40, you will find yourself faced with new problems. Unfortunately, most people aren’t aware of this fact, so they spend years not realizing they can prevent disease and reverse aging through proper dental care. To help spread the word, Dr. Janice and I teamed up to write “Keys to a Healthy Smile After 40.” In our new book, we share seven secrets to feel seven years younger. There are a lot of things about a smile people don’t know. Dr. Janice and I combined our knowledge as dentists, and our own experiences in our lifelong struggles with oral care, to create an amazing resource anyone can use to learn why their smile fades with age — and what they can do about it.

I know everyone who gets a copy will find valuable information that will help them care for their teeth — and their overall health — for years to come!

–Dr. Justene Doan

March 2018 Edition

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