Capacitance Creates a Watershed in Purification

E P O S M E C A S E S T U D I E S | V O L T E A

Capacitance creates a watershed in purification

Water-softening and deionisation have been highly dynamic fields, especially over the last decade. Dutch company Voltea has managed its IP by embracing technological and market opportunities through two distinct phases of growth. The company was initially created as a spin-out from Unilever, with the IP rights being transferred to the newly created firm. In the second phase, when it had limited resources, Voltea used IP to build commercial co-operation and partnerships. Patents also allowed it to expand into new markets with new applications for the core technology.

Voltea’s technology is designed to remove dissolved salts from a variety of water sources, from tap water and brackish groundwater to indus- trial process water.

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