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OCT/NOV 2019

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As I’ve mentioned in the past, football is a big part of my life. From watching games with my mom to sharing the same tradition with my daughter, I love seeing a game well- played. Even when our Eagles aren’t taking the field, I’ll still tune in from time to time if I think a matchup is going to be exciting. At the time of writing, the season’s just getting going, and it’s looking like we’ll be competitive this year — though I don’t think we’ll make the Super Bowl unless our defense shapes up fast. While I can’t predict how things will play out for the Eagles, I can hazard a guess that whichever teams do make it to the big game will have done so thanks to excellent coaching. Sometimes the head coaches are overlooked while discussing teams, especially if they don’t have an attitude or make a scene on the sidelines. But, if running a law firm has taught me anything, it’s that the right management of a team can make all the difference in the world. There is a surprising number of similarities between the two practices. For starters, it takes a lot of dedication to helm a law firm or a professional football team. It’s not enough that you might know how to approach a difficult bankruptcy case or respond to a shotgun formation; you need to know your team is as prepared as you are to meet these challenges. This means really getting to know the people you work with and putting in the hours to understand every level of your organization. Only then can you be an effective leader. Doing this homework is so important because a lead partner or a coach has one job at the end of the day: getting their team what they need to win. This can be resources for investigating a criminal case or investing in the right personal trainers to keep players in peak condition. This role most frequently boils down to recognizing and supporting talent. The best law firms and NFL teams always make sure they have the right people in the right places. After all, just like you wouldn’t want a fullback subbing in for a wide receiver, you wouldn’t want a contract lawyer attempting to handle your disability claim! Football and the law both require a broad WHAT MAKES A TEAM

range of skill sets and rely on professionals who can perform their role to absolute perfection. That’s why our firm doesn’t believe in jack-of-all-trades lawyers. We’ve been lucky enough to build an amazing team of professionals dedicated to their own particular practice area. So, as this football season really begins to heat up, I’ll be watching the decisions coaches make closely. I can also predict that I’ll head to a few games with my daughter and root on the two teams that mean the world to me: the Eagles and our firm. I’m incredibly grateful for the talent we’ve attracted here, and I can’t wait to see how far we can carry the ball forward in the coming year.

Go Eagles,

–Paul H. Young | 1

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