American Consequences - February 2021


B itcoin has become front and center in mainstream news... Bulls say it will keep soaring, but bears caution its risks. This month in American Consequences , we’ve got the experts to weigh in, plus all the latest financial and political content you won’t find anywhere else... Publisher Trish Regan traces back bitcoin’s humble roots and wonders if its creators would approve of its mainstream status now as a crypto behemoth. Renowned author and blockchain guru Alex Tapscott makes the case that bitcoin can transcend being just a hot investment and could become the future of money itself. Editor in chief P.J. O’Rourke charts America’s long, unfortunate history and current obsession with political populism, a movement that preys on our worst impulses as Americans. Plus, P.J. shares the one crucial reason that folks love conspiracy theories... Since the stock market rebounded from its March low last year, many have noticed the glaring disconnect between a pandemic- ravaged economy and stocks that continue to soar. Executive Editor Kim Iskyan tackles this topic, and the answer may surprise you...

With Democrats now in the White House, executive editor Buck Sexton mulls over the fate of the GOP, the MAGA faithful, and Trump himself. Best-selling author Gordon G. Chang explores China’s role in the global pandemic with an insightful opinion piece – were they grievous mistakes or deliberate crimes? Speaking of the Red Dragon, escalating tensions between China and the U.S. have many speculating about a second Cold War... Author Marko Papic sets the record straight. Have you noticed there’s a lot of “Do as I say, not as I do” going on in politics lately? Award-winning journalist John Stossel talks hypocritical rule-breaking politicians. Expert value investor Dan Ferris explains why the U.S. stock market is more expensive and riskier than at any time in the past century... And what you should do as an investor. Regards, Laura Greaver Managing Editor, American Consequences


February 2021

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