SRP Splash Pad Amenities Mini Guide

CONSIDER: Site Furnishings For maximum supervision, place benches along the outer edges of your splash pad for caregivers. Including trash receptacles within your site is also a must to keep the area tidy.

Pictured: Zion Bench with Armrests and Zion Trash Receptacle

CONSIDER: Themed Amenities Who said amenities had to be standard? In addition to any themed splash pad equipment, themed shade and themed benches help to round out the environment.

Pictured: Palm Tree Shade

CONSIDER: Portable Restroom Covers No restroom nearby? No problem. Add a portable restroom cover to keep the overall aesthetics of your site top notch. These shelters can be used to cover or hide a variety of other items as well, such as an above ground mechanical system.

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Pictured: Privacy Shelter

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