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How Cats Celebrate Christmas Why Dr. Smith Doesn’t Have a Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas!

Christmas tree each year, from spray deterrents to hanging the ornaments on fishing

Barry the Cat here, and I can’t wait to tell you all about Christmas at Dr. Brea Smith’s house. I bet you didn’t know we cats celebrate Christmas, too. Of course we do! There are boxes to play in, wrapping paper to tear up, and trees to climb inside the house. How cool is that? Unfortunately, we don’t have a Christmas tree at our house anymore. That might have something to do with me.

line from the ceiling. This all sounds like overkill to me. It’s not like our house doesn’t have any decorations! Brea and Mike set up the Nativity scene each year. I like to weave through the figures, but even I wouldn’t dare try to steal the baby Jesus. Plus, all the animals have their own stockings hanging on the wall. It’s nice to live with a vet. We all get the best presents! The dogs will get candy cane-shaped dog treats, while Ben and I, the only two cats, get new mice toys on Christmas morning. Brea has always been good at buying gifts. One year, after the family dog passed away, Brea bought tiny heart-shaped urns for herself and her sister so they could each have a little part of her. This was almost 10 years ago, but it’s something they still treasure. The holidays are supposed to be a crazy time, but things are usually pretty relaxed at our house. This is because Brea and Mike spend the celebrations with the family at someone else’s house. Ben prefers this because he’s not much into socializing, but I love to be where all the action is. Hm, I wonder if we would host more family gatherings if we had a pretty Christmas tree to show off. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you all. May you have plenty of ribbon to play with and warm cuddles with your loved ones during the holiday season. –Barry

“It’s nice to live with a vet. We all get the best presents!”

The first Christmas I spent with Brea and her husband, Mike, I was so excited to see the tree. It was up for less than 60 seconds before I scrambled up the branches and sent the whole thing crashing to the ground. I thought it was pretty awesome, but Brea and Mike were less than thrilled. Fortunately, they hadn’t had a chance to decorate it yet, or I might have been in even more trouble. When she was growing up, Brea’s mom would get Brea and her sisters matching ornaments every year. So when they moved out on their own, each of them had a set of Christmas ornaments already. Brea would be devastated if any of these ornaments broke, so to play it safe, they don’t try to put up the tree anymore. I maintain that this saves them a lot of time when decorating for the holidays, but it’s become a running joke of sorts. The family sends Brea suggestions on how to keep me from messing up the


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