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THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS Splitting the Holidays Between Florida and Chicago

C oming originally from Chicago, with its icy December winds and snow-slicked streets, I have to admit there’s nothing quite like Christmas in Florida. That said, I do miss some aspects of those chilly holiday winters. Luckily, my family and I get the best of both worlds, with our annual New Year’s trip back to my home city. “For the week that we spend in Chicago, the cold is a welcome change of pace. Shoveling snow is even kind of fun — the first time you do it.” First, though, we start the festivities right here in the Sunshine State. My wife’s family heads to our place on Christmas Eve, and we spend the day relaxing and catching up. We’ll take a little lake cruise on the pontoon boat, maybe do a little fishing, and watch the sunset. Towards the end of the night, we’ll fancy it up with a big meal shared between the 15 of us. It’s a pretty low-key gathering, but a great tradition nonetheless, and everybody looks forward to getting together.

On Christmas Day, it’s just us and the kids. Nothing too out of the ordinary there, we just make coffee and take turns opening the presents beneath the tree. The dogs’ presents, usually a couple of

squeaky toys, generally don’t last more than a couple hours. They hear one little isolated squeak underneath some wrapping paper and then it’s a constant mission of destruction until the toy is completely ripped to shreds. The kids, thankfully, are slightly more careful with their gifts, which is fortunate — now that they’re 13 and 15, their presents are a little more expensive and a little less abundant. That said, I’m grateful that my wife and I get to sleep in Christmas morning. Teenagers aren’t about to rush into your room at 5 a.m. all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. The day after Christmas, we take a flight to the Windy City. It gives us a chance to visit with pretty much the entire other side of my family: my siblings, mom, dad, and cousins. Though they’re Chicago natives and not too keen on it, we usually drag them out to a couple tourist spots and do a little exploring. Mostly, though, we just hang out and socialize. One of my favorite parts of the trip is when I get

the opportunity to catch up with a few of my old buddies from high school. These friendships have somehow lasted through all these years, and I treasure them. For the week that we spend in Chicago, the cold is a welcome change of pace. Shoveling snow is even kind of fun — the first time you do it. By the sixth time I’m forced to scrape a stubborn ice pack off the sidewalk, I’m feeling ready to migrate back south for the winter. It all adds up to one of the best holiday celebrations of the year. I’m grateful that we’ve worked it out so we can see mostly everyone in the family, all while we’re enjoying two completely different settings. -Luke Kron, PT Managing Partner

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