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P ain is powerful. It’s not uncommon for someone in pain to cancel plans with friends andmake the heating pad, ice packs, and the couch their new friends. Daily routines become impossible. Chores are even more miserable. Over-the-counter pain pills are popped like Tic Tacs as sufferers search for some formof relief. I completely understand this level of exasperation. I live with lower back pain, and it affects my driving, sleeping, and ability to sit still. Luckily, icing treatments have helped, andmy expertise on the spine gives me immense knowledge on how to treat my pain. Unfortunately, not everyone is a chiropractor, and far too often, I see patients living with a common pain problem for far too long: sciatica. Different than lower back pain, sciatica stems from the pinching of your sciatic nerve or a series of nerves in your lower back. Lower back pain can be a symptomof this condition, along with hip, buttock, and leg pain. Additionally, patients often report numbness in their legs and feet when struggling through sciatica pain. Though nearly unbearable, sciatic pain is a great teaching tool for chiropractors. While we frequently adjust andmanipulate your spine back into its normal, healthy position, we also influence every part of your body. Your spine is a superhighway that connects the rest of your body, and the sciatic nerve is just one part of that. This little nerve runs throughout your whole body. That’s why you feel pain all over when it is pinched. (See

Page 3 of this newsletter for more information on what you can expect in chiropractic treatments for sciatica!)

Sadly, far toomany people fail to understand that their leg, hip, buttocks, feet, and lower back pain are all connected. I often don’t see patients until they are 6–8 months into their sciatica pain, and by then, they’ve tried it all. They’ve visited the doctor and adhered to physical therapy appointments. They’ve tried shots, pills, stretches, and evenmassage therapy. But still, the pain persists. When they finally do come in to SouthWindsor Neck & Back, they see that relief is possible. Through gradual appointments, their sciatica begins to finally feel relieved, and they often express regret for not coming in sooner. It’s important to point out that chiropractic care is not the be-all and end-all of medical treatments. It can work wonders, and for some patients, pairing it withmassage therapy and physical therapy can be wonderful. But chiropractic care is designed to target the nerves and open your body so it can function at its highest level. Through a series of appointments, I work with patients to untwist and unlock their nerves in a way only chiropractic care can. They finally learn that relief is possible, and suddenly nights spent in pain on the couch become a distant memory. -Dr. Chris Colby


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