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Breakfast Table Keep This Off Your Sugary Cereals Are No Better Than Candy

It’s no secret that most breakfast cereals are loaded with sugar and carbs. Starting your day with a hefty bowl will inevitably give you a sugar high that crashes into a haze of fatigue not long after. What’s worse, however, is that some cereals are even more unhealthy than you might realize. Do you remember the old Reese’s Puffs slogan: “Candy?! For breakfast?” Reality isn’t far off. Kellogg’s Honey Smacks and Post Golden Crisp are two of the biggest offenders when it comes to sugar content. By weight, Honey Smacks and Golden Crisp are more than 50 percent sugar. That’s more sugar than your average cake or cookie. And there isn’t much more nutritional value to make up for the excess sugar. These puffed rice cereals contain less than two grams of protein and one gram of fiber per serving, which is remarkably low. For reference, Honey Smacks lists 1 1/4 cups as a serving, while Golden Crisp considers 3/4 cup a serving. That said, most people don’t measure out food based on the recommended serving size. With these two cereals, the combination of puffed rice and a lack of protein means you won’t feel full until you’ve overindulged. By eating twice the recommended serving (about two cups), you’ve consumed the same amount of sugar found in one can of soda. SUCCESS STORY “Years ago, I began having vascular cluster migraines and [chiropractic care] helped me a lot … Then, I started having back troubles, and I believe in chiropractic care. You know, wellness starts at the spine, so I started coming to this location. I’ve been very happy and healthy since. In terms of wellness, I feel holistically whole and healthier with my back issues. Dr. Colby is always one to take care of me and my spine. I never feel like I’m rushed out of here. He knows exactly what the problem is and how it affects the rest of your body, because it is all connected, as they say. I’ve told many friends over the years to go to chiropractic first. Don’t mask the symptoms with medicine; take care of the root of the problem with chiropractic care. “ –Keith Check out what one of our wonderful clients has to say!

Honey Smacks is the worst of the two because it contains hydrogenated vegetable oil — one of the unhealthiest food-based oils you can consume. This type of oil keeps the cereal shelf-stable for longer, but the American Heart Association points to it as a major dietary cause of heart disease. Many other cereals are just as bad, including Kellogg’s Froot Loops and General Mills Trix. These two cereals hide behind the guise of “fruit,”which many people associate with better nutrition. But you won’t find balanced nutrition in either of these cereals. Froot Loops is just under 50 percent sugar by weight, and Trix is just under 40 percent. Both cereals also contain artificial food dyes and flavorings. Trix also contains corn syrup, which has been linked to the rising rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes. When you eat 10 grams of sugar in any form—which is in just one cup of Trix — or more, depending on the cereal, you can expect a spike in blood sugar. A blood sugar spike early in the morning can often translate to low energy later in the day. Over time, a diet high in sugar can lead to insulin resistance, which can lead to the development of type 2 diabetes.



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