IELTS Student Resource Book Band 6

1 Success Communication 1a Communication today

Reading (Matching headings; Sentence completion)

b Only one of the headings is suitable for paragraph B. 1 Which one contains information that is factually incorrect? 2 Which one contains information that is not mentioned in the paragraph? 3 Which one contains information that summarises the main topic of the paragraph?

 COURSEBOOK pages 8–9 and 18–19

Before you read 1 a Look at the title of the passage on page 7, and the photo. Answer the questions. 1 In what kinds of situation do you use gestures instead of your voice? 2 How successful do you find the use of gestures to communicate? b Read the first paragraph (A), and answer the questions. 1 Can you use sign language? 2 Do you know anyone else who can use sign language? 3 What might the sign in the picture mean? Identify topic sentences 2 Look quickly through paragraphs A and B. Answer the questions. 1 What is paragraph A mainly about? Choose one. A the large numbers of deaf people in Britain B the nature of sign language C a comparison between sign language and speech 2 Which is the topic sentence in paragraph A? 3 Which is the topic sentence in paragraph B? 4 Which other phrases in paragraph B relate to ‘misunderstanding’? TEST STRATEGY In a ‘Matching headings’ task, the heading should be similar in content to the topic sentence, as they both reflect the overall topic of a paragraph. Identify paragraph topics 3 a Look at the following headings, and then read paragraph B again. a A rise in the numbers of people using American Sign Language b The international use of British Sign Language c Two mistaken beliefs about sign language

Test practice 4

Complete the Test practice task.

The reading passage has seven paragraphs, A–G . Choose the correct heading for each paragraph from the list of headings below. List of Headings i Uncertainties concerning the origins of signing ii The groups who make use of sign language iii Several decades of decline for BSL iv Changes occurring in the spoken language v Two mistaken beliefs about sign language vi The introduction of formal lessons for signing vii An alternative system of manual communication

viii Variation in the forms of BSL is reduced ix The difficulties involved in learning BSL

1 Paragraph A 2 Paragraph B 3 Paragraph C 4 Paragraph D

5 Paragraph E 6 Paragraph F 7 Paragraph G

EXPERT LANGUAGE The prefix mis- generally means bad or wrong .

Sentence completion 5 a Look at the sentence. What kind of word is missing (noun/verb/adjective, etc.)? Apart from people who are deaf or dumb, sign language is used by family members and . b Read paragraph A and find the missing word.


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