EXPLO Admission Considerations + Community Standards

Many different types of students have had successful summers at EXPLO. It is important for parents/guardians to understand, however, that EXPLO might not be a good match for some students. Admission Considerations

Students at EXPLO need sufficient energy, concentration, and stamina to get through a full, busy, and structured schedule. We expect a lot from our students in terms of their ability to handle the choices and responsibilities they are given with an appropriate level of maturity. If parents/guardians have any questions as to whether a particular EXPLO program is the right place for their child, we ask that they please contact our Admission Office before submitting an application (781.762.7400). Making Sure EXPLO is The Right Match EXPLO not only forms a relationship with the student who attends the program, but also with their parents/ guardians. For the program to work in a positive and safe way for our students, parents/guardians must be able to support our policies and procedures. EXPLO reserves the right to dismiss a currently enrolled student if the student’s parents/guardians are not cooperative or cannot follow EXPLO policies and procedures. In addition, EXPLO reserves the right in subsequent summers to deny enrollment for similar reasons. Supporting Our Policies + Procedures Before you enroll a student, please make sure the student will be able to attend the entire session. EXPLO has an overall curricular plan that includes courses, electives, activities, speakers, trips, and student life meetings and activities. Since each program session is three weeks or shorter, it is not appropriate for a student to miss several days, or part of each day of the program, whether at the beginning, middle, or end of each session. If family vacations or other obligations mean a student will miss several days or more, the student will not be allowed to register. See our refund policy for more information. Program Attendance Bullying has become big news at all schools in recent years, but EXPLO has been responding vigorously to bullying for decades. We have dismissed students who did not live up to our ideals of respect and care. More importantly, we have always worked hard to create the kind of communities where bullying would make no sense — whether on floors, in classrooms, on playing fields, or on the campus at large. Bullying has no place on an EXPLO campus. On Bullying

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