EXPLO Admission Considerations + Community Standards

● Use, possession, or distribution of drugs, alcohol, cigarettes or tobacco (including tobacco, marijuana or hashish pipes or papers, vaping devices, e-cigarettes, and alcohol containers) or misuse of prescription or over-the-counter medication ● Use, possession, or distribution of weapons, violence or threat of violence, hazing and harassment, misuse of computers and electronic communications, and bullying ● Use, possession, or distribution of stolen property as well as vandalism, damage, or the willful destruction of property ● Violating policies regarding the physical boundaries of the program, including staying inside prescribed areas in Chicago/New York, staying within the dormitories after evening check-in, and staying inside the boundaries established on trips ● Violating the policy governing single-gender spaces Rules for Student Conduct In order to maintain a safe environment for everyone, EXPLO has expectations and rules for student conduct. These are more fully expressed in the EXPLO Essentials guide, which is available to enrolled students in the spring. The following list is not meant to be exhaustive, but instead gives some examples of our standards and expectations. A student who violates a Major Rule, or whose conduct, in the sole discretion of Exploration Summer Programs, warrants them leaving the program, will be subject to immediate dismissal, with no refund of tuition or traveling expenses. Remaining in the presence of an open violation of a Major Rule may constitute a Major Rule violation; that is, if you are in the presence of another student who is breaking a Major Rule, it is as if you are breaking the rule yourself. Some examples of conduct that are in violation of the Major Rules include: A Safe, Supportive Atmosphere EXPLO prides itself on creating an atmosphere that nurtures the diverse interests, needs, and backgrounds of our student and staff populations. Students attending EXPLO have a unique opportunity to investigate a variety of new skills, talents, and interests within an environment structured for personal choice and growth. As with many personal freedoms, the liberty granted to students at EXPLO carries with it limits and responsibilities. We expect students to uphold our community standards and to refrain from any behavior that jeopardizes the well-being of themselves or others at the program. COMMUNITY STANDARDS: CHICAGO + NEW YORK Year after year, students and their parents/guardians describe the environment of EXPLO Chicago and New York as accepting, nurturing, safe, and fun.

● Use of any flame indoors including matches, candles, or incense

● Failure to conduct oneself with honesty and integrity, and failure to respect the well-being and rights of others


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